All I want for Christmas is…

Posted On: December 27, 2011

This article first appeared on It started as a post on my Facebook: “Please comment: What I want for Christmas is…” The answers came fast and furious ranging from: More positive sexuality: “Comprehensive Sex Education Programs in Public Schools!” for Dorian Gomez, Art Director & Resident Curator at Erotic Heritage Museum of Las Vegas. […]

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Kermit The Frog – The Christmas Wish

Posted On: December 24, 2011

Kermit and John Denver sing a beautiful Christmas song from their 1979 special What do you wish for Christmas? Have you taken the time to think of other people as one? What could you do for others?

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No go – too drunk to consent

Posted On: December 22, 2011

This article first appeared on During the presentation “Promoting Consent, Preventing Coercion” by AWARE as part of SlutTalk on Saturday 3 December, I shared for the first time, how years ago, a male friend rebuffed me when I suggested we went clubbing. Me: “Hey, we should go clubbing together one of these days!” His […]

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Milestones of 2011

Posted On: December 22, 2011

Day/ Date     What JAN Sat 9, 15 Jan – Conducted With a Bang workshops, a project for Health Promotion Board FEB Tues 1 Feb – Launch of 1st Febulove Campaign It returns 1 Feb 2012. Tues 9, 16, Fri 25 Feb – Completed 1st Manifest the Love of your Life workshop Fri 11 and […]

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Your First Love: Your Parents

Posted On: December 21, 2011

These videos have nothing to do with sex but your relationship with the first people in your life: your parents. We have been so busy growing up, we sometimes forget that they are getting old. When was the last time you expressed your love to your parents? After all these years, it is still hard […]

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Testimonial – Condom Factory Visit

Posted On: December 20, 2011

“This was a very enlightening day trip as I witnessed first-hand the painstaking process that goes behind making a condom – from the creation of those thin rubber sheaths to how they’re finally packaged. You won’t believe the amount of work that goes into ensuring sure your rubbers are safe-to-use! Props to the factory staff […]

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Slow Sex with Nicole Daedone

Posted On: December 18, 2011

Nicole Daedone is the author of “Slow Sex: The Art and Craft of the Female Orgasm”, and the founder of OneTaste , an urban retreat center offering live and online courses and coaching in orgasm, relationships, and desire. Here she sits down with three friends—Susan, Kelly & Kim—to ask the surprisingly difficult question, “So….What Do […]

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Spiritual Sexuality

Posted On: December 17, 2011

This video talks about sex and the beauty of sacred sexuality. thePussyTalks from CHESWORTH films™ on Vimeo.

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