Testimonial – Condom Factory Visit

Posted On: December 20, 2011

“This was a very enlightening day trip as I witnessed first-hand the painstaking process that goes behind making a condom – from the creation of those thin rubber sheaths to how they’re finally packaged. You won’t believe the amount of work that goes into ensuring sure your rubbers are safe-to-use! Props to the factory staff who were knowledgeable and could answer our many questions – and even gave us a little “hands on” exercise in testing the condoms! Martha’s workshop (conducted in the factory) was also a treat because she combined the best of her hand job and blow job techniques in a no-holds-barred two-hour session. We also got to pick this sexpert’s brains, by asking her all our pressing bedroom questions that we would’ve been too shy to voice out in any other situation. Overall, a very informative yet fun day!” – J.T.

“The visit to the condom factory was interesting and informative, from the knowledge of the manufacturing process, to quality testing, and the subsequent training session. We even had the privilege to try our hands at one of the testing stations. The factory staff made us feel very welcomed, and also shared their experiences in the business. The small group allowed a cozy and comfortable environment, for us to ask our lingering doubts about all our sex related questions. It was no doubt an insightful day!” – Anonymous lady

“The visit was an interesting experience as we got to understand the various stages of manufacturing and testing condoms to ensure that they fulfill the high standards expected of such an important product. Dr. Martha Lee shared many useful tips and techniques with the class at the end of the tour and I would say that visiting a condom factory is a one of a kind experience – we even got to try out parts of the condom testing procedure!” – Anonymous male

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