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Testimonial for Ready, Get Sex, Go

Testimonial for Ready, Get Sex, Go

Even though Ready, Get Sex, Go is my online training program on overcoming early ejaculation, it also helps with psychological erectile difficulties. This is by a male who had inconsistent erectile difficulties and wanted to improve his sexual performance.

Business man and meeting table background“Please accept my apologies for this very late reply. Thanks a lot for checking in.

I have regained my erection which is great. I was getting very nervous before at the idea of intercourse and my efforts and your exercises have paid off. I am glad I found your website as there are no good alternative today. Taking charge of my health myself has been a big plus.

I have not been very consistent since early November in my kegel exercises though and I have committed to continue practicing.

Wishing you in advance a Merry Christmas.”

– Anonymous Male, 16 Dec 2014

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