Ethan Hawke’s Vampire Love

Posted On: January 29, 2010

Ethan Hawke thinks there is something “weirdly sexual” about vampires.

The ‘Daybreakers’ star said he was so taken with how beautiful a vampire character was in one film he saw as a child, he can see how young people find them compelling today.

He said: “I know why I like vampires, it’s the same reason 11-year-olds like vampires. “I remember I spent the night over at a friend’s house when I was about eleven years old and ‘Nosferatu’ came on, with Isabelle Adjani.”

“She was so beautiful. “Other vampire movies have captured that completely too, like ‘Twilight’ and ‘Interview With The Vampire’ tried to. It’s this sensuality, and something weirdly sexual about vampires.”

Ethan, 39, also said he realised a long-held dream in his latest film ‘Daybreakers’ by not only playing a vampire, but also getting to wear fangs – even when not on set.

He added: “The worst thing was that I loved my fangs. Because they were fitted on to my teeth, and they were really cool to put them on for parties.”

What is erotic for us might stem from something early such as an image we saw in our childhood. Fangs works for Ethan Hawke. What works for someone can be very different for another. There shouldn’t be judgment about the different things that make people tick. I am sure we all do one or two things that others might find unusual. And it is perfectly ok.

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