Forgive and Forget

Posted On: January 14, 2010

Forgive and forget. Let bygones be bygones. Turn the cheek. To err is human.

We hear these phrases often. Our culture teaches us to not only ‘forgive and forget’, but also to ‘turn the other cheek’.

Maybe we have done this so often and so much that we no longer know what we feel and how to feel in any given situation where we are wronged.

For people who have been wronged, abused or traumatized, forgiving isn’t necessarily the answer.

It is easier said than done to begin to:
• Stay with your emotions
• Speak your truth
• Seek recourse
• Get closure
• Be a person of integrity and honesty for YOU at all times.

I say:
• Let it out: Scream, yell, cry
• Express: Write, draw, talk.
• Seek help: You don’t have to do this alone.

Don’t be quite so quick to forget! After you have processed your emotions you are in a better place to decide exactly what it is you want to do and what is right for you. Nobody should be telling you how to best lead your life.

As a clinical sexologist, I work with men and women who have been wronged, abused or traumatized sexually and emotionally. Email or call 6100-0851 to talk.

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