Terms of Endearment

Posted On: January 16, 2010

How do you address your spouse? Or, for those dating, how do you address your romantic interest? How soon into a relationship do you start giving each other pet names or nicknames?

An ex-boyfriend used to call me ‘Sexy’. It used to turn me all warm inside. I thought this was our special word and that he truly thought me sexy. It was only recently that I came across, by chance on Facebook, the fact that he uses this term with any and every woman he knows.

Besides ‘Dear’ or graduating when you feel emotionally closer to each other to ‘Dearest’ and ‘Darling’, what else do you use? How about ‘Sweetheart’? ‘Honey’? ‘Baby’? ‘Love’?

It goes without saying that what term you use and when you use it does reflect on how you are feeling towards your lover at that time.

I had a tiff with my dearest the other day over something through no fault of his. He asked if I still loved him. I retorted, “Yes, but I am angry right now.”

I didn’t use any of cute or creative pet names we had brainstormed previously. They are adorable too. Next time, I am going to try it. I’d yell out ‘Dearest’ if I need to — to remind him of my love which doesn’t change even if I am angry.

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