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Posted On: December 16, 2010

Diva in Me

“Martha’s workshop helped me get in touch with myself, and made me more aware of the whys behind my actions and words. I enjoyed the interactive discussions (it felt like a cozy slumber party girl chat session at times), and the exercises were great esteem boosters. Thanks for thinking of this, Martha, and great job!” – Madeline Lin

“The workshop has broaden my horizon and taught me to love myself before loving others. I do realise that if you don’t love yourself, that is the first step to attain low self esteem.” – Liyana

“I learn the skill to be assertive. it is quite easy actually, it is just the playing of words.” – Yanti

“I liked listening to other women’s experiences and advice. Very enriching exercise.”
“I think it’s very good. I ‘d like more standing-up activities like the affirmations.”
“I feel very uplifted after attending the workshop.”

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Sex Smart Me

“Sex Smart Me was an informative and  fun workshop. Martha is a great facilitator (or do you prefer host?) and created an open and friendly environment. We learned about STIs and how to protect ourselves from them. We had good fun playing with sex toys and learned some practical tips on safer sex.  We also discussed the importance of communication in making relationship a success.  It was definitely a great way to spend a couple of hours on a Saturday afternoon.  I am looking forward to joining other events!” – Sue Lightfoot

“Short, easily digestible and fun presentation of information not readily available in SG. Useful for all ladies” – Anonymous

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