Product Review: Nuru Gel

Posted On: June 13, 2011

I have had male friends recount their foam bath experiences in the back alleys of Bangkok to me. They would have a shower with a lady of their choice, get a shower, a rub-down with soap (sometimes there is a bath tub), before lying down face down on a foam mattress with the woman gliding up and down his back (and maybe front too). I was intrigued – as a woman, I was forbidden such experiences. I assumed the body gliding experience served at least three purposes: stimulate the man sexually, massage him (ease away those knots in his body) and it must be enjoyable!

So, when I learnt that Nuru was being introduced into Singapore, I was excited. Finally, what happens in red-light areas can be done in the bedroom between two intimate partners. Nuru means slippery in Japanese and is a new concept in massage gels.

Called the ultimate erotic body massage, Nuru gel actually originated in Japan and is used widely in Japan and Thailand, and, I was told, certain parts of Europe. It is high time the rest of Asia catch up, I thought.

Using Nuru is not rocket science. Get a basin and fill half of it with warm water, then pour a bit of Nuru in, stirring it periodically to check that the texture works for you. You may wish to watch the YouTube clip below to get a better idea. I won’t worry about getting it wrong because you won’t – the intention is to connect emotionally and physically with your partner, and to have fun.

Your bottle of Nuru gel can last longer if both of you use it after a warm shower or bath, since your bodies will still retain some of the moisture.  As a water-based gel, Nuru will not stain clothing or bedding. However, if you still are concerned about any possible mess in your bedroom, you may wish to conduct the massage on a blow-up foam mattress, which may enhance the experience.

The real test is in the doing. In preparation to use Nuru, both of us checked into a budget hotel where they conveniently had a waterproof mattress in their family suite. I tried the gel with my husband after he gamely laid face-down on the mattress. I assumed a squat position over his back, before lowering myself down on his upper body. I certainly had fun gliding up and down his body! Nuru does not smell bad – in fact it doesn’t smell at all… or have any taste I could detect. There was no sticky feeling and it dried up nicely.

I did not learn until later that I need not have showered afterwards because Nuru gel is actually good for my skin – being made from Japanese deep-water seaweed from the Sea of Japan, mixed with camomile herbal extract and other natural ingredients. With these beneficial ingredients, one can just allow oneself to be consumed by the waves of pleasure, then lay back and take a cat nap in the arms of your partner afterwards. Nuru is water soluble, and condom friendly. Besides being an ideal choice for body-to-body massage or as a natural moisturizer, Nuru can also be used for masturbation. Apparently, customers at U4Ria have been quietly going back for bigger bottles. It is my hope that as you read this review and decide to give Nuru a try, you too will become won over by the possibilities Nuru presents: endless fun in a bottle.

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Nuru Gel Applications:
•    Sex Gel
•    Nuru Massage
•    Masturbation
•    Gentle Massage and Spa Massage
•    Personal Lubricant Gel for deeper feeling with intimate activities
•    Body to Body Massage for a more smooth sensation

Product Benefits:
•    Safe for all skin types
•    Cleanses and detoxifies the body (Herbal body treatment)
•    Helpful to sensitive skin suffering from inflammation or irritation
•    Flexibility and healthiness to sensitive skin
•    Restores tone and vitality
•    Essential minerals will be absorbed by skin
•    Soft, fresh and healthy-looking skin
•    Helps to disperse fatty deposits
•    Moisturize and protects dry skin
•    Excellent for after pregnancy and intensive slimming treatment
•    Helps prevent cellulite, connective tissue debility with water retention, slackened dermal tissue
•    Contains Charmomile Azulene, increases peripheral circulation of skin and reduces erythema (redness)

Product Features:
•    Mild, Smooth and Silky
•    Soluble in water
•    Transparent
•    Odourless, Colourless and Tasteless
•    Edible
•    Non toxic, beneficial nutrients
•    Safe for all skin types
•    Leaves skin hydrated after application
•    Does not leave stain

Product Details:
•    Different size bottles: 250ml and 1000ml.
•    Different types: Nuru Standard and Nuru Gold
•    Made in Japan

Love Assist

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