Until I met the one and what I thought was a natural process of just doing it turn out to be such a tramatic and painful session. I could not, cannot have penetrative sex!

Posted On: August 24, 2011

“I always believe in saving myself for the person I marry and I have never really been bothered by sex. Until I met the one and what I thought was a natural process of just doing it turn out to be such a tramatic and painful session. I could not, cannot have penetrative sex! I was demoralised as a woman and my fiance was full of anger as he felt that I did not love him enough to do it. We nearly called off our wedding. Having a session with Martha was our last resort, last straw in saving our relationship.

Through 4 sessions with Martha, who is very compassionate and sensitive, she gave us a very professional and realistic pet talk, explaining and managing our expectations, anger and disappointment. She gave us alot of space to air our grievances and issues that we were suppressed inside us. With her as a bridge, a knowledgeable moderator, we work out our inner differences and expectations. My relationship with my fiance took on a deeper level and our sexual expectations with each other were clarified. 

Our last session with Martha was a practical session where Martha taught us relaxation techniques and different exercises to strengthen and relax ourselves for sex. We were also educated that sex does not only means penetrative sex, there are many different ways and techniques of pleasures.

I did the exercises and using the breathing and positive self-talk mental tecniques Martha taught me, I finally managed to have penetrative sex. Although it was not as romantic as whatever the sexy stuff shown on TV, it was a feat for me to be able to JUST DO IT instead of tensing with fear!

Martha who is a very warm and generous therapist, has constantly encourage and kept in touch with me, telling me that sex takes practice and it will become better and better with each try and she is right! Sex is becoming more and more enjoyable for me and I am now able to speak truthfully and plainly to my husband what works for me and what do not work for me. With Martha’s coaching, my husband has also improved in his techniques for making me feel comfortable and making it more enjoyable.

I thanks Martha for making it a possibility for me to get married! And also provide us with understanding how male and female sexual expectations are different and how to manage each other expectations to make a relationship work. I am thankful that there is a sexologist in Singapore! A female one to boot, that allows me to talk candidly without any reservations and who totally understand that feelings and emotions are important aspect of sex too! Keep up the great work, Martha!”

– Anonymous Lady

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