Testimonial – With Martha’s constant encouragement, and our progressive tryings, we finally had our first penetrative sex about 8 months after our first session with Martha

Posted On: June 2, 2013

“My hubby and I dated for almost seven years before we got married, we had intimate activities but we never wanted to have penetrative sex before we got married, as a traditional girl I always wanted to save my virginity till the day we got married. However we never know that being able to have penetrative sex did not come as a natural thing to us.

We tried actively in the first 1-2 years of our marriage and was not successful, after that we tried less and less as every time when we tried it was not successful I’ll burst into tears and my hubby thought I was hurt and therefore did not persist to try anymore. It was until the 3rd year into our marriage, my parents started chasing us to have child so I thought I really had to overcome this problem but I was quite helpless and I did not know what more we could try… the worst was that I started doubting myself and thinking something was wrong with my vagina, maybe it was constructed differently from other women’s.. so we went to see our family doctor who then referred us to a gynae, then we got to know from that gynae that it’s not a uncommon problem in Singapore, the gynae suggested me to do a vagina dilation, she wanted to break the hymen and also to check inside the vagina to ensure everything is ok. So at one fine day I was put in sedation and had my vagina dilation done, doctor also gave me some numbing cream and told me next time I could try to put on the numbing cream when I try to have penetrative sex with my hubby I should not be feeling the pain. I thought it will work however when I put the numbing cream on I could not feel anything no sensation and did not even want to try it. I tried a few times still the same result and I was desperate thought nothing helps me anymore and did not want to try further.

Into the 5th year of my marriage, one day I was browsing a magazine and learnt Martha Lee the sexologist who treats this problem and thought about giving it a try, but my 2nd thought was it will be embarrassing and I will not know where to start and how to even describe my problem. With much thought (a few months later) I finally convinced myself and my hubby and made an appointment with Dr Martha Lee, I shared my problem briefly through an email with Martha and was assured I am seeing the right person, the way Martha communicates was friendly and efficient, it made me felt I have found the right person and I was looking forward to our first session with Martha.

During the first session we shared the details of our problems with Martha and we got to know that we were not the only couple who had this problem called Vaginismus and it is very much psychological and it is 100% treatable, I suddenly found a sense of confidence and I was very happy I had made this very meaningful first step. Martha shared with us the knowledge about genitals and introduces us Kegels exercise, she’s clear and effective in her communication, friendly and always put us at easy, she is very open and experienced too, after 4 sessions I found that I had gained so much knowledge about vagina and sex and was looking forward to my first successful penetration. The best thing about Martha is that she gave us homework after each session and made sure we progress along the way. She is very encouraging and she gives offline support too.

Martha also organized free Vaginismus support group, which allows people who has this problem to meet to share the experience and support each other. It was very helpful to me to meet two of Martha’s ex-customers who had successfully overcame Vaginismus and I was motivated not to give up and keep trying to get the desired results.

With Martha’s constant encouragement, and our progressive tryings, we finally had our first penetrative sex about 8 months after our first session with Martha, it was a great achievement to us, but at the same time we know that we were lucky to have Martha who is knowledgeable, patient, supportive and encouraging.. without her help we would never be able to achieve what we have achieved today.

Would want to recommend Martha to everyone who has this problem, I am sure with her knowledge, patience, support and encouragement you will be able to overcome vaginismus the soonest.

Thanks Martha. Sincerely wish you to keep up your great work and may you be able to reach out more people who are like me.  Thank you.”

– A very satisfied customer

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