Testimonial – Finally we had successful penetrative sex after two visits and within 2 months!

Posted On: February 16, 2013

I did not know that i was suffering from Vaginismus until I was 27 years old when i was attempting to have sex with my then boyfriend who has now become my husband. Did not know what to do and we chose to delay seeking treatment due to some unfortunate and stressful things happening in my family 2 years ago.  Have been married for 6 months now and during our 1st few months of trying we still could not get over Vaginismus and went to seek treatment in one of the women hospitals. However, i have only went for the 1st visit as i was screaming inside the room when the gyne was trying to insert his finger. I was asking myself why cant i be as normal as other ladies to have penetrative sex? Then one week later after the hospital visit, we went to see Dr Martha Lee for the 1st time and not going back to hospital visit.

She is someone who is encouraging and professional. She went through relaxation exercises, physical exercises, pelvic exercises and we practice them regularly. If we have any questions, she was prompt to reply to them.

Within 2 visits with Martha and two months later, we were able to have successful penetrative sex! I still feel pain and uncomfortable but I know that i have finally overcome with Vaginismus. As long as we continue to practice what she has taught and get used to it, the experience with sex will get more comfortable.

My husband and I would like to thank Martha for helping us to get over one of the greatest hurdles of our lives. Great job Martha!” – Anonymous

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