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Posted On: July 14, 2013

63113_10200158006736995_993964904_n“My husband & I were in the relationship for 4 years before getting married. Since our culture is prohibit sex before married, we didn’t engage in any penetrative sex at all during that period. Therefore, I didn’t know that I was suffer from Vaginismus. I  didn’t even know that ‘vaginismus’ existed.

On our wedding night, I realized that I couldn’t let my husband do his ‘job’, because I was really scared of pain. My body become tense when he tried to do the penetration. Surrounded by friends who told story that the 1st penetration will be bloody painful, I couldn’t let myself relax and enjoy that moment. It was continued for a month and I started realizing that there’s something wrong with me.I start googling about difficulty in penetrative sex and I found that I was suffer from vaginismus. Then I found Martha’s website and interested in seeing her. After several negotiation with my husband (initially he thought this problem is not a big deal & not necessary to ask for other’s help), I decided to contact Martha and made our 1st appointment.

She gave my 1st homework: inserting cotton buds covered with condom. It was the most difficult thing I’ve ever had. But with husband’s help, after several tries I was able to have the cotton buds inserted into my vagina. I started to have confidence and eager to practise more. Then she gave another homework: to insert 1 finger. It took around 1 month for me to have it done.

After our 4th session, we still kept trying inserting finger. It is true that the process of inserting 2 fingers is much faster than 1 finger. When inserting 2 fingers for the 1st time, I feel pain & uncomfortable. But after several time, I get used to it, as what Martha said, my body remembered.

About 1 or 2 weeks after that (about 4 months after our wedding), we were able to do penetrative sex for the 1st time, with woman on top position. I was able to insert my husband’s penis without pain, only a bit uncomfortable feeling (maybe because I was nervous).

Now, we would like to thank Martha for helping us overcome this problem. Thanks for being so patient in answering our queries, for all your effort to encourage us, and for always saying that I am normal. She’s not only helping us overcome vaginismus, but she also gave some sex education which we didn’t know before.

Thank you Martha! We will recommend you to our friends when needed. We will keep your contact number, just in case we have sexual problem in the future, we will look for you for sure 🙂

Your very satisfied customer,
W & J

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