Kenji’s Virginity Story

Posted On: October 10, 2011

This article first appeared on, a micro site belonging to Eros Coaching.


Virginity is sacred and consecrated for the traditionalistic individuals. Some individuals would wait for the right circumstances to come while some would lose it unexpectedly. I lost my virginity in an unexpected occasion to an unlikely woman. Yes, I lost my virginity to and older woman who was basically 20 years older than me. However, such experience was unforgettable and I never regretted losing my virginity to an elderly woman. It was my closest affair to Nirvana during those times and it definitely was sensational.

The whole story of losing my virginity started in my freshmen days in college. I came from a province in the Philippines and I was studying in one of the most prominent universities in the city. We have no relatives residing in the city. The only possible way to have a living space for the duration of my studies was to rent in areas that are near the university. Fortunately, I was able to locate one and then I met Elaine. She was the landlady of my new space and she was also a widow at a tender age of 38. She had fair skin, tantalizing brown eyes, narrow hips and her breast size was moderate. I was aroused when I first saw her, but the idea of having an affair or a relationship with an older woman was not fascinating to my vivid imagination.

She was very kind and considerate in terms of rental payments. Elaine was very accommodating and there are times when we even have drinking sessions together with the other boarders of her space. She was fun to be with and she was very friendly and generous to me.

The night that I lost my virginity to Elaine was during a cold summer evening. I was taking up summer classes so that I could finish earlier with my course. We were the only individuals left in her space for the reason that other students went home to their respective provinces. She was alone when I came home and she was begging me to drink a few rum shots with her. I did have some shots with here and we were talking about personal matters until I found her hands touching my chest. Her lips were getting closer to mine and suddenly we were locking lips. She had sweet lips and her tongue was lingering inside my mouth. She allowed me to lick her smooth neck and suck her delicate breast. We removed our clothes and the magic began. I was licking her entire body, from head to foot. I was particularly licking her clits and vagina as she instructed me to do. She then she sucked my manhood which was basically the best thing I’ve ever felt and it was certainly better than masturbating. Then she held my manhood and the intromission between my penis and her vagina began.

It felt heaven and it was definitely one of the most memorable summer nights in life. It was the best experience in my life and I have never felt much better after those events. I was more confident and happier for the reason that I was no longer a virgin.

This article first appeared on, a micro site belonging to Eros Coaching.

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