Kissing 101: The DOs and DON’Ts

Posted On: October 18, 2011

Kiss mark on the man's white collarFor some people, a kiss is just a simple greeting. However, many people would agree that the most satisfying purpose behind a kiss is to show affection for another. If, for some reason, you are lost for words trying to declare your emotions, keep this in mind: When words can’t express how you feel, always seal it with a kiss.

For someone who never had any experience with kissing, the practice may be nerve-wracking or outright scary. Everyone wants it to be special and perfect. Below are a few tips to achieve that spectacular moment:

  • Look for a perfect spot – Kissing requires intimacy between you and your partner. Any distraction in the middle of a lip lock session is a no-no. Regardless of how good it is at the start, if it has been interrupted, the moment is already ruined.
  • Always carry a breath freshener – The sensation of smell can stimulate emotions. Kissing someone with fresh breath is always a prelude to more passionate things to come.
  • Keep your eyes closed when kissing – It is another way of showing your passion. At the same time, let out your emotions by using your hands to touch in order to heighten the sensation. Kissing with eyes wide-open is way too creepy.
  • Slowly kiss back – Don’t be a cold cadaver. Respond gently with slow movements. This will prevent you from bumping into each other’s teeth. It is surprising that the slower it is, the hotter it will be. Keep in mind that in order for a kiss to be fun, it should be similar to a sluggish two-way street.
  • Observe kissing etiquette – Good manners still matter even in passionate instances. Never laugh while kissing. Additionally, avoid being messy with saliva. Although these practices might be acceptable for some (especially once you know your partner better), it is generally considered to be rude.
  • Relax and breathe – Don’t be stiff. Kissing is supposed to be fun. Let your muscles loosen up.

Aside from its sensual nature, kissing should be both romantic and fun. Be confident and always go with the flow. There is no reason for you not to savor that passionate moment.

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