Kissing: The Fun and Creative Way

Posted On: October 5, 2011

Lady having chili on her lipsHave you ever wondered if there are varieties in kissing? Well, of course there are. All you need is the willingness to explore the possibilities and you will definitely find yourself enjoying new, fun, and flirty kisses with your partner.

Enjoy showing your affection to your partner by planting these creative kisses:

  • Candy Kiss – This kiss consists of passing a candy between each other’s mouth from time to time. Aside from candies, you can use mints or gums or anything that dissolves fast. Just make sure not to chew something that can make you choke.
  • Upside-Down Kiss – As portrayed in the movie Spider-Man, the upside down kiss is another fun way to flirt with your beau. To perform an upside-down kiss doesn’t mean that you literally reenact the movie scene, it can happen anywhere. It is easily done even if the other person is just lying down or sitting on a comfortable couch.
  • The French Kiss – Perhaps, French Kissing, which is otherwise known as “Tongue Kissing”, is the most common way to kiss. Adding tongue action definitely heightens the emotion. While it is popular, it takes years of practice to reach perfection with this kiss.
  • Earlobe Kiss – If you want to turn your lover on, the Earlobe Kiss will surely do the trick. However, you have to make sure that the ears are clean before performing this kiss. Otherwise, you’ll end up disgusted as you ingest your partner’s ear wax.
  • Nip Kissing – If French Kissing is a whole lot of fun, you should try Nip Kissing. A Nip Kiss involves biting your partner’s lips. Ensure that the biting is done gently, otherwise it will be painful and the passion is ruined.

Kissing is always pleasurable and it brings out the best and deepest sensation in a person. Don’t hesitate to research and try something new. Who knows, maybe you’ll turn out to be a great kisser after all.

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