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Posted On: February 26, 2013

6BADA0711A97837781D29B599A9I was interviewed Eugene Loh about intimacy and women on The Wow Club, 938Live on Fri 22 Feb 2013.

About it: What do men need to know about women and intimacy. She is a clinical sexologist and the founder of Eros Coaching, a “company which believes in the innate solutions we each already hold in achieving and enjoying a fulfilling, healthy and pleasurable life.” Dr Martha Lee talks about intimacy challenges she helps women with in The WOW Club.

More about the show: The WOW Club is inclusive space for people and ideas that all have that mysterious indefinable WOW factor!From thought-leaders, to academics, personalities to icons-in-the making, host Michelle Martin, searches for a diverse and intellectually stimulating spread of ideas and individuals to enrich the minds of women of worth. You can be part of the WOW Club everyday from 2-3 pm from Monday’s to Friday’s on 938LIVE. Get ready, to get wowed!

You can listen to it here now.

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