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Posted On: May 12, 2013

Photo Credit Lady In Red Flower by katzkitten on PhotobucketLady in Red: Addressing Female Sexual Concerns

This educational talk covers what any savvy women should know about common female sexual concerns. Just how would you overcome low sexual desire, pain during sex and problems with sexual communication?

Taking charge of your sexual life involves preparing yourself mentally, emotionally and physically for a lifetime for eros. It will also cover practical physical exercises any women can do to better take care of her sexual health.

This talk is open to all including men. Event page is here.

Date: Sat 11 May 2013

Time: 2 – 4:30p.m.

Venue: Exhibition Room, Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry, 47 Hill Street, Singapore 179365


These were the testimonials received:

“It is a good start should you think that sex is only about things/ activities that happens in the bedroom.”

“The course was fun, open and easy to digest. It reminded me of some things and taught me news as well.”

“Very supportive & encouraging.”

“Easy explanations”

“Making a conservative topic comfortable to discuss.”

“Martha’s attitude.”

“Humorous and willing to share anecdotes”

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