Intensives: List of Workshops

Posted On: November 3, 2013

IntensiveMany individuals and couples want to learn but are concerned about bumping into people they know in my workshops.

In Intensive Coaching, what I do is work out a one-day customised skills-based training programme for you and/ or your partner based on your learning needs.

Just like all my other workshops, intensive coaching will be clothes-on and conducted in a professional, useful and positive manner.

This is a list of workshops I can run for small groups/ couples:

  1. Super Duper Orgams (For those who already have orgasms)
  2. The Art of Fellatio (Blow job)
  3. The Art of Penis Pleasuring (Hand job)
  4. The Art of Vulva Pleasuring (Vulva massage)
  5. All about Anal (Anal massage)
  6. Pucker Up (Kissing)
  7. Conscious Connecting (Authentic consent through touch)
  8. 50 Shades of Sensation (Intro to BDSM)
  9. Hugging Party (Only for a group of minimum 6)
  10. Eye Gazing Party (Only for a group of minimum 8)
  11. Sexual Attitude Restructruing (Sexual attitudes)
  12. Askable Partner – Sex ed for parent(s) with child(ren)

I am a certified sexologist as well as certified sexuality educator – with qualifications in coaching, counselling and sex therapy. I pride myself for being the best I can for my clients. For intensives, you can expect that I will:

  • Be on-time
  • Remain sex-positive
  • Show up 100% for you

The venue will be a hotel suite of my choice and will be included into the package fee.

If you are interested in my one-day intensive coaching, please complete the form here and I will reply to you very soon! Alternative, you can just email me at if you have any questions at all.

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