Happy Lunar New Year

Posted On: January 28, 2014

I did a fun video to mark the start of the Year of the Wooden Horse for the Chinese.

Be sure to watch the entire video! It’s funny, and it’s only 2 mins! Watch it here!

My BFF (best friends forever) Pearly Phua was the one laughing behind the camera! We had originally wanted to do the horsing at a nearby shopping mall but were promptly shooed away, and hence did it on a side road instead. It was all done after 11p.m. I really did work up a sweat with all the takes!

New Year Reflections on Fri 31 Jan 2014 at 1:17p.m.: “CNY can be a highly stressful time for the Chinese – being dragged yelling and screaming to go house-visiting, and being stuck in the same room with people you hardly know but are related to by blood. These are people you don’t necessarily care for, people who don’t really know about your thoughts, attitudes and beliefs about life, but whom still need to be nice to… and respect. However what seems like a huge divide (whether it is a generational gap, in thinking or otherwise) is just that – a gap. A gap that can be bridged if either even tries. You try. You will feel better and be a better person for it. Be gentle to yourself out there.”

Hope you enjoyed it! Stay tuned for more fun content by Eros Coaching!

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