My 2014 New Year Resolutions

Posted On: December 27, 2013

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn 2014, I am setting out to:

  • Complete 365 drawings (one everyday) to hone my creativity
  • Read 200 books (I didn’t say how thick!)
  • Publish 52 articles on YourTango or my own blog (averages one per week)
  • Go on 10 overseas trips (I didn’t say if it just to J.B. and back)
  • Take 4 weeks off – take one week off every three months (Scheduled in!)
  • Write 3 pages every morning for next three months, Jan to Mar (as in The Artist’s Way)

I will continue to:

  • Move and meditate 30 mins a day
  • Run my three online campaigns: Febulove, Eco Sex and Masturbation Month

The above are just some of my goals. The others are related to my financial and business goals. Are you curious about how I fared against my 2013 goals? In 2013, I did accomplish these goals:

I did not:

  • Develop more workshops
  • Write and get publish as much as I could have had
  • Move to a bigger office (just renewed my lease for another two years)
  • Expand my practice to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

What I accomplished which I am proud of (but did not set out to do) in 2013:

We can set goals and resolutions but sometimes, there are things that need a period of gestation before coming to fruition. And I have to admit that The Crying Project, nu Icon contest and Orgasmic Yoga – all of which happened in the last quarter of the year – brought me great joy! For more, check out my 2013 milestones here.

What are your goals? And specifically your sex goals? Do give your goals a think and leave your comments below! And remember, it’s not enough to just set goals. It is important to come up with a plan to fulfil them, which means setting aside the time to work towards them!

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