Syv Cries

Posted On: January 22, 2014

Syv Bruzeau cries for women who have been raped for The Crying Project.

For all the women who have been raped

For all the women whose boundaries -be them physical or emotional-

are invaded

are crushed

For all the women whose dignity is not respected

For all the women who are insidiously made to blame themselves

or to be taken responsible

for the abuse they are victim of

For all the women who are brought up thinking

that they do not deserve to be respected

that they do not deserve to have their own values,

hopes, expectations and desires.

For all the women who are silenced in their body

in their heart and in their mind

For all the women who are made to believe

that they cannot say “No”

that they do not have a choice

For all the women who apologize for being a woman


About Syv Bruzeau

Born in France. After a Master in Russian-English and Marketing, Syv came to Asia where she extensively traveled, following her curiosity to experience different cultures. She opened a few restaurants in the region and this passion for providing joy and bonding between people led her to movement therapy.

She discovered Butoh while in Japan and studied it in the Himalayas with Lee Rhizome, in New York City and Japan with Katsura Kan, Eiko and Koma,Tetsuro Fukuhara, Natsu Nakajima.

Syv also studied Continuum, Feldenkrais Method, Action Theater, BMC (Body and Mind Centering) and attended Dance Therapy intensive trainings.

Meditation and Yoga are likewise part of her exploration and she also holds an NLP and Reiki Certificates.

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What is The Crying Project? This video tries to explain it:


This is the first video of The Crying Project


The Crying Project was featured by Shin Min Daily News, a Chinese daily newspaper in Singapore on Nov 23, 2013.

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