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Posted On: April 3, 2014

Environmental Activist Olivia Choong cries for the communities for The Crying Project.


There are some days where I feel quite down inside. I think many activists feel that way. Where it’s not necessarily a feeling of helplessness.
Sometimes we feel so much for the people who we… whose lives we want to change. And people who we wish to help that we wish to cry for these people.

And it’s also not a sense of pity but a sense of empathy for what they’re going through.

In this case, my focus has been the environment for several years now and for a while I felt that Mother Earth was suffering.

And then I realized that she’ll be fine and that she’s a living and breathing organ and she’ll be able to take care of herself.

But we won’t, as human beings then there are also animals that we are here to be guardians of. And I feel sad that people have become so disconnected to nature and the environment that they live in because we are not the top of the food chain. We are really just a part of an ecosystem of which we are an aspect.

And we have started to objectify everything so it’s understandable that the items in our house, we see as objects. But when we start to look at the environment as a commodity, that’s what saddens me.

These are the people that I wish to cry for. The communities, the animals, all the biodiversity that we write off. And that we disregard.

We have extinctions happening all the time, and it’s very sad actually, to lose all of these. Because life around us is so beautiful and yet we take so many things for granted. Like what a beautiful sunrise we have every day, or the sunset. Also the clouds, they look different all the time.

And it’s only when something really bad happens, that’s when we take notice. And we suddenly are ready to listen.

But why aren’t we ready to listen right now?

This is really all about sparing a thought for the communities, biodiversity and the future of us all. How we would work together to a future, a foreseeable future rather than one that is looking quite bleak at the moment.

About Olivia Choong

Olivia co-founded Green Drinks Singapore, a non-profit environment-focused society that raises awareness on pertinent local and global environmental issues through events and campaigns, and helps connect various stakeholders within the industry. She is often featured in the press, speaking on environmental issues and giving her views on how Singapore can make progress in the area of sustainability. In addition, Olivia manages Green PR, a public relations consultancy focused on profiling small and medium environmental businesses and their products and services, and writes for publications focused on the environment. She also sits on the board of advisors for youth environment NGO, Avelife. For her contributions to the environment, she was a recipient of the EcoFriend Awards in 2013.


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