Week 3 of 52 – Are You Patient with Yourself?

Posted On: January 19, 2014

Welcome to Love, Sex, and Everything In-Between! My name is Martha. I’m a sexologist, and I am playing Goddess Goody-Two-Shoes. The theme of this month is Patience. Are you patient with yourself?

Do you tend to procrastinate? Make excuses for yourself? Complain a lot? Or blame others when things don’t go your self?

Or perhaps you feel a need to get it right the first time? If not, you get discouraged easily and lose internet? How can you begin to overcome your tendencies, which become your habits, which become your patterns of behaviour?

Most of us would agree that many things that are worth doing requires time and delayed gratification. Do you think putting in rewards to cultivate patience and encourage yourself to continue might be in order? For instance, I like to celebrate after my workshops to anchor all the learnings and feel-good effects afterwards. What could you do?

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Dr. Martha Lee is Founder and Clinical Sexologist of Eros Coaching. She is a certified sexologist with a Doctorate in Human Sexuality. She provides sexuality and intimacy coaching for individuals and couples, conducts sexual education workshops and speaks at public events. For more, visit www.ErosCoaching.com or email info@eroscoaching.com.


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