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Posted On: December 29, 2014

Laughing People“What a way to start the morning! My husband and I dragged ourselves out of bed — we don’t like to skip on commitments — not sure what to expect from this “laughter yoga.”

Martha welcomed us, introduced us to the benefits of laughing without reason, and provided and comfortable, casual space for some exercises. I felt like I was being eased in to the whole concept, able to relax and just observe happiness and energy building up.

Martha choose different exercises at just the right moments, challenging us to make the sounds of laughter in different ways, spontaneously bursting into real laughter. She pushed and encouraged us through almost a whole hour!

I felt more ready to be silly, content, focused, lively, and energised. I admit I thought the concept was silly at first, but its an experience that you have to relax into, for the results are beautiful.” – Angela Ognev, 29 Dec 2014

On the whole, I felt that the laughter yoga session was unique in its own way. Participants learnt to relax and understood how laughing is rewarding and satisfactory, while appreciating little things in life. They opened up to one another (though most of them are strangers) and laughed heartily.

Personally, being able to laugh at myself when I make mistakes and when things go wrong brings about positiveness and accommodating to others. It has also taught me to look at things from different perspectives.” – Sharon Ong, Senior Executive (Volunteers Engagement & Development) of CDAC (Chinese Development Assistance Council, 29 Dec 2014

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