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Posted On: December 29, 2014

“The practices taught at AFP classes are easy to adopt into everyday life and you feel the difference/ benefits almost immediately. Beyond being in touch with my feminine side, I appreciate that the practices grounded me, allowing myself to connect better with the present moment as well. For me, the class was like a journey into self- discovery, filled with gratitude and a greater sense of self-awareness.  Grateful to Martha for providing a safe space to teach and share AFP.” – Anonymous, 26 Aug 2016

lady_95761027“After 5 weeks of regularly tuning into wombspace on Friday evenings, my body automatically wanted to settle into wombspace this Friday evening, even if we have no class. Shows me how easy and natural this practice is.

Must admit that I’ve found myself more relaxed this week, less trying to be in control. Happier to express my feminine self. Able to graciously receive positive male attention from my partner and other men. As shared before with you, i used to be an angry feminist, so it is very nice and surprising to feel this relaxed. If this can be achieved by 5 sessions  (and my own other self work), I’m sure AFP will benefit all ladies seeking to regain that lots feminine energy without feeling like just a dumb bimbo.” – H, 19 August 2016

“The Art of Feminine Presence is a programme that I will highly recommend to all my girlfriends, simply because of its  transformational practice and effects. Martha has been a fabulous facilitator and very honest and open with her sharing and experiences. Even the short 2 hours preview was packed full of learnings and practices that are easily applicable. After participating through 2 runs of AFP, I am more aware of being present and coming from a more loving and creative place in my being and interactions. The various practices also highlighted my old habits, fears and way of being/living, facilitating my release and changing of negative behaviour and patterns.” – Seow Yuin, 36, 10 August 2016


“I really enjoyed the preview of Martha’s Art of Feminine Presence class. Even the preview provided useful tips. I only wish I have the time to attend the full AFP classes! I can’t recommend Martha highly enough. She was honest and compassionate in her sharing and teaching.” – H, 33, 15 June 2016

“The exercises taught in AFP are indeed very powerful. They are directed, focus n easy to apply. The result experienced is instantaneous. Within a few seconds of practising the Art of Feminine Presence, I already feel more presence with myself n more empowered n confident as a women.

I became more aware of how I speak, stand n carry myself.
And could connect with fellow participants with more ease, depth n openness.

Thank You So Much Martha for this great teaching n sharing!”

Joyous Love,
Arakah (Jan 10, 2015)

“The session gives an in depth understanding about a part of the feminine gift that might be forgotten, not truly understand or developed. The understanding gained will contribute to self confident and outlook of life.
– Anonymous, 31 Dec 2014

“I’ve definitely seen women who radiate something magical, adding light and energy to everyone around her. I want to be her more often. I signed up, not knowing what to expect.

In an hour, I walked out with a tangible and easy way to be the flowing, relaxed yet lively, sharp yet soft, woman that I’d like to be.

What struck me most was the different ways we gaze at each other — and how it represents who we are, and how others feel about us.

Martha is skilled guiding us to recognise subtle nuances through exercises, and at explaining abstract ideas in practical, applicable ways. I left knowing that I can feel and be the way I want more often, and (full disclosure) committed to the extended course to practice.” – Angela Ognev, 29 Dec 2014

Half-day Art of Feminine Presence workshop

“Martha is a great facilitator. I really love learning about my power centre and how it can change my life. Just a simple exercise during Martha’s class and I could already feel the difference in my speech patterns and demeanor.” – Anonymous lady, 9 April 2015

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