This One is About A Piece of Green

Posted On: February 24, 2015

I’m not going to beat around the bush with this: I’ve fallen in love.

You’ve probably guessed from this blog title that it has to do with something green, and something small.

About This Green

I’ve actually blogged about this piece of green before, and it is Zhongshan Park.

Zhongshan Park

I moved into a little rental studio along Balestier Road in Feb 2014, and it didn’t take me long at all before I checked out Zhongshan Mall (yes another mall) and the park next to it. Situated right infront of Sun Yat Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall (SYSNMH) and next to Zhongshan Mall, Zhongshan Park is really just a small patch of green.

Please click on image for more
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In case you didn’t know, SYSNMH is recognised as a heritage institution because it traces Dr. Sun’s revolutionary activities in the Southeast Asian region and highlights the impact of the 1911 Chinese Revolution on Singapore as well as Singapore’s contributions to the Revolution. The museum is opened to the public and features a new storyline and new galleries that introduce key community leaders in the early 20th century; highlights Nanyang as a base for Revolution; and explores the impact and influences of the 1911 Chinese Revolution on the Singapore Chinese community. More here.

I am, therefore, proud to say that I had a piece of history in my hood (neighbourhood, that is).

My Declaration of Love

My Caucasian friends might laugh at me about making a big deal about this park. However those who actually live in Singapore would know how rare it is to have access to any piece of green here. In densely populated Singapore chock-a-block with high-rise buildings after another, Zhongshan Park is a sanctuary.

During my stay at Balestier, I’ve enjoyed this park by:

  • Please click on image for more
    Please click on image for more

    Conducting Laughter Yoga sessions on the green. Example here.

  • Bringing a mat, reading and lying on the grass everyday during my 2nd retreat. Watch my three videos here.
  • Hanging out with my friend Dr. Yvonne Looi. Evidence here.
  • Dancing ecstatically on a hot afternoon. Proof here.
  • Filming interviews with two fathers for Father’s Day in the park. Subscribe to them here.
  • Reading near the grass but on a bench here.

Needless to say, I attracted some gazes and stares, with one guy almost falling over himself in this video (I wish he did. Wink).

My Not-so-analytical and Completely Random Observations

Please click on image for more.
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Perhaps I might be one of the more creative adults around my enjoyment (not abuse) of this park, but I have noticed and am pleased to report sightings of:

  • Dog owners with their dogs (with or without leashes)
  • Families spanning multi-generations
  • Parents with their child (sometimes in their strollers) or children (without leashes)
  • Lovers
  • Individuals

They are of different nationalities, races, ages and most definitely religions.

What do they do?

These people:

  • Please click on image for more
    Please click on image for more

    Walk on the grass – barefoot or in other types of footwear

  • Allow their dog to scratch and defecate on the grass (subsequently picking up their droppings after them)
  • Play ball-catching with their dog
  • Play “catching” or chase after their children
  • Kick around a ball with their child or children
  • Read (as I often have done)
  • Sit on the benches
  • Eat/ drink whatever they brought (sometimes leaving their litter)
  • People-watch
  • Speak with their companions
  • Talk to themselves (or into some hidden device)
  • Vomit onto the pavement next to a bench (Yes I saw!)
  • Fight (though I haven’t actually seen any)
Please click on image for more
Please click on image for more

I’ve also witnessed cute moments:

  • A boy no less than five grabbing his smaller-built sister (I believe) around her arms and twirling her around
  • This same boy asking aloud: “Who wants to chase me?” (My long-forgotten invite to play when I was his age)
  • Kids walking or running around the edges of this grass
  • Kids deliberately tripping up themselves onto the grass

All these people.

Zhongshan Park
Zhongshan Park

All this activity.

All this life.

Around a patch of grass (Yes there are some trees.)

Zhongshan Park is a good place to watch the world go by.

It’s been a good place for some respite.

Why am I writing this?

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Please click on image for more

I’m writing this piece because I realise how I:

  • Am inspired by this green and what happens around
  • Received healing from this green and being around her
  • Did a fair amount of work around this grass – filming and envisioning
  • Appreciate and acknowledge the people who upkeep it
  • Have moved out of Balestier Road as of Feb 25, 2015.

Above all else, I am writing this because I like to invite you to:

  • Take some time
  • Find your piece of green
  • Explore nature
  • Return to love
  • Sign up for my free (no selling) Eco Sex campaign here.

“The garden of love is green without limit and yields many fruits other than sorrow or joy. Love is beyond either condition: without spring, without autumn, it is always fresh.” – Rumi

If you like this post, please share it. Please leave your comments on Facebook and Twitter and in the meantime, keep loving, live life fully and stay lovely!

Who is Martha?

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