Passionate People – Interview with Trainer, Speaker, Author Nishant Kasibhatla

Posted On: May 6, 2015

I interviewed my friend Nishant Kasibhatla who is a trainer, speaker and author of multiple books. He inspires me for his humility and humanity, as well as for willingness to uplift people through his work and words!

1) Tell us more about yourself.

Nishant_Sitting_DSC_7134I am Certified Speaking Professional, corporate trainer, author, Guinness Record Holder (2011) and the only Grand Master of Memory in Singapore. I deliver speeches, seminars and workshops all over the world on Peak Mental Performance topics.

  • For organizations: I conduct speaking / training on Peak Mental Performance topics [such as Learning to Learn, Memory Improvement, Speed-reading, Motivation and Success.]
  • For students: I conduct workshops on critical study skills and memory techniques to excel in their school life.
  • For individuals: I have online programs on memory, speed-reading and focus (will be ready by the third quarter of this year).

Links to my website:

2) How did you get into what you are doing, and why do you do it?

I became a professional speaker by accident! I must say it’s a happy accident. When I was a teenager, I came to know about memory techniques and I was fascinated by the concept of brain training. I then practiced the few techniques I learnt and I could really see improvement in my memory and focus. I then came to know of ‘memory feats’ performed by other people and went to perform my own and got into the record books. Some of my achievements are:

  • Memorised a 1944 random digit number.
  • Memorised a 1200 random digit binary number.
  • Memorised the sequence of 7 decks [364 cards] of shuffled playing cards.
  • Memorised the sequence of a deck of playing cards in 1 min 50 seconds.
  • Became a Grand Master of Memory in 2003.
  • Broke a Guinness Record for memory in 2011.

Soon people started asking me how was I able to do all these things. So, I started sharing the memory techniques (some very ancient and some that I developed by my own research). The people with whom I shared the techniques achieved tremendously positive results. I then started sharing these techniques to more and more people by delivering speeches and training programs.

Ever since I graduated from college, I have been doing these speaking and training engagements. Next year, I will be celebrating my 20 years in the training industry. The reason I have been doing this for the last 20 years (and will easily do so for the next 20 years!) is simply because it gives me great joy that I am able to help more people tap into the incredible power of their brain. I love what I do because I am able to add value to people’s lives by helping them challenge their limiting beliefs and achieve greater heights of effectiveness in their business and personal life. In the process I learn a lot too!

Media interviews and demonstrations:

3) What are the most important things to you as a husband/ father/ trainer?

As a husband: I am forever grateful for all the love and support my wife gave me. The most important thing for me is to keep my wife happy! That’s all that matters to me.

As a father: I do believe in this quote: “The most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother. ~ Theodore Hesburgh”. Of course, I am not going to stop there! I will do my best to support my son, love him, support him in his goals and ‘be there for him always’!

As a trainer: Strive my best to help the participants in getting the results they want, inspire them to take action, spend time in research and deliver up-to-date content on my training / speaking topics.

4) What are your future plans?

Technology is rapidly changing people’s preferences on how they learn new things / skills. Also, it is becoming easier for people like me to reach out to more people, using online tools and software. So, I am all geared up for creating my online programs. By the end of this year (2015), my goal is to create online programs on memory skills, speed reading and focus. I have already began the process and its going to be world-class!

In 2015, I am also creating a lot of free resources for people to achieve peak performance with memory, speed-reading and focus skills. These resources include PDFs, videos, articles etc. Your blog readers can access these here:

Nishant_Side_DSC_71215) Do you have any advice for readers as a:

Husband to other husbands: Everyone’s marital life is different, so it is tricky for me to advise other husbands! Having said that here are some suggestions:

  • Read “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” by John Gray
  • Spend more quality time with your wife on a daily basis
  • Your goals could be (and usually are) different than her goals. Understand what her goals in life are and support her.

Father to other fathers: Spend ‘solid’ quality time with your children on a daily basis. In my workshops, I talk about ‘single-tasking’. Though I talk about that technique as a productivity tool, it is also a very critical tool in maintaining and nurturing relationships. One of the best gifts you could give your children is the gift of attention! This is especially important in the always-connected-world we are living in.

Entrepreneur to other budding business owners: I have been a business owner for twenty years now. I have seen many ups and downs. However, I still have a lot of learn because things are always changing. This is a huge topic and you could always do a million things in your business. Here are a few things that I feel are important to start with:

  • Invest in learning and upgrading your skills (business skills and life skills)
  • Find what the customers ‘really’ need (not what you think they need) and deliver it
  • Capture testimonials/reviews of happy and satisfied customers
  • Keep conducting periodical surveys to understand what your customers (and prospective customers) need / want in their business/life
  • Learn ways to outsource
  • Seek out Joint Venture partners

How to contact him:

Nishant Kasibhatla, Certified Speaking Professional

Guinness Record Holder (2011), The only Grand Master of Memory in Singapore
For upcoming public seminars/workshops, visit
For information on workshops for companies, associations and schools, visit

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Note: I have not vested interest or benefit from interviewing Nishant. I am doing so in the pure intention to inspire more people.

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