Can Women Be Superheroes?

Posted On: July 26, 2015

“A lot has changed in terms of women warriors.
In 2013, we met an all-female X-Men crew, along with an impressive Muslim-American Ms. Marvel named Kamala Khan.
In 2014, a female Thor took the comic realm by storm, followed by a new and improved Batgirl costume.
In 2015, we heard whispers of an all-female Avengers-esque team, shortly before Marvel published Silk, the story of an Asian-American teenage superheroine named Cindy Moon.
Note: none of these characters wear tiaras.” – Article here

 Following my superhero theme last week, and the week before

 If women are just as capable of being superheroes, CEOs, and heads of countries (which we are) as men, why aren’t more of us there?

Is it really about the glass ceiling? Or better ways of breaking the glass ceiling?super women

The real reason is… we don’t want to.

Call it nurture or nature.

Nature – Women have an internal biological clock that may lead to a desire to reproduce/ have babies (note: I said may). Having a child, and raising one involves investment of time, money and plenty of other resources. In my personal experience, most women don’t think their career is the most important thing in the world – love is. Sure, we could have it all – or die trying, but if we had to choose – love wins. And that’s why, I believe, not more women are CEOs and heads of countries, or more busy being superheros.
Nurture – Women believe they cannot achieve it all because society thinks they cannot, should not, would not get there (whatever “there” means for them). We are innudated with messages that good girls should look pretty, and play nice. Because of social conditioning, we don’t just believe we have to work twice as hard to earn the same amount as men, but also limit ourselves.

How can we heal ourselves, and be the superheroes we are meant to be?

Whether you are a woman who is struggling with navigating modern-day living and pressures while climbing the corporate ladder, or questioning whether to have children, there is something I am sure will help all women get clearer within themselves – and it is Art of Feminine Presence.

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