This is what love looks like…

Posted On: February 10, 2016

This is a special week

For the Chinese, it’s the Lunar New Year.

So happy new year to all of my Chinese subscribers!

Also, we have Valentine’s Day this Sunday.

I wish to take this opportunity to talk about the L-word: love.

To do so, I need to show you this picture.

Ok. A bit of context. This is a photo I took in secret of my dad from last Sun 31 Jan.

You can see him bending over at the neck sewing a tear in my skirt. Now he was in the position a good half an hour.

My dad is the family’s appointed seamtress (or seamster if you want to be particular).

It all happened a good thirty years ago when my younger sister by one year (who is truly my daddy’s girl) started shoving her clothes into his hands to be mended and literally running away. I began to follow suit. He’s taken on this role for years… without complaint among the many other duties and responsibilities he has as a father.

This picture, to me, is love.

It touches my heart when I look at it.

I am reminded of this endless love and I am filled with gratitude.

When I think of Valentine’s Day, I think of this man. He is the first man in my life and has loved me, even before I was born.

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