Episode 66: The Ritual of Play with Cleo Dubois

Posted On: April 17, 2016

Episode 66: The Ritual of Play with Cleo Dubois
Episode 66: The Ritual of Play with Cleo Dubois. Cleo came out into SM play 30 years ago and found community, acceptance and healing in her relationships and erotic exchanges she had those who mentored her. She was blessed to be in the heart of the San Francisco burgeoning leather community with writers like Pat now Patrick Califia, Gayle Rubin and Cynthia Slater, creator of the Society of Janus – SM educational group. As an abuse survivor she found there a path to empowerment and self growth. In the mid to late 80s few women were visible and out o about kink, she was soon asked to teach at Leather conferences and community venues. She befriended gay men into leather – leathermen. When AIDS struck so many of them who survived used their SM and sexual practices as rituals to help deal with their grief. Loving and consensual BDSM became her practice. What she learned she taught and still doing it now that kink and fetishes are more accepted. She’s worked hard to make that happen and that work is not over. Shedding light on the common misconceptions about BDSM – offering a healing path and seeing BDSM as therapeutic but is not therapy. Cleo is passionate about body rituals. Many kink practices fill that need to connect, to be ourselves fully.

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