Book Review: The 24 Hour Woman by Cheryl Liew-Chng

Posted On: November 27, 2016

I was gifted the book The 24 Hour Woman: How High-Achieving, Stressed Women Manage It All and Still Find Happiness at an event which the author Cheryl Liew-Chng was the speaker of the evening at Woolf Works.

The 24 Hour WomanDuring her talk, I was impressed with the five pillars she introduced namely: Appreciation; Awareness; Acceptance; Accountability; and Action. Together, they form the legacy we leave behind. I looked forward to reading the book, and finished it in one sitting. Though written with the busy working mom in mind, much of the content would be relevant to any modern-day professional, especially small-business owners.

Published in 2015, this book has become an international best seller. Besides fleshing out her thoughts and insights into each of her five pillars, Liew-Chng covered practical stuff from how to plan for a family holiday, and meals, to managing technology, boundaries, and even your domestic helper.

I am also taking away with me her five ways to be more effective with time which includes: Systemizing; Simplifying; Bundling; Outsourcing; and Alternating. I’m already doing bundling, and to some extent, outsourcing. I could do better at the other three. What about you regardless of your employment status?

Being a mom and wife, Liew-Chng emphasized through her book that her family was her priority, and demonstrates through her own sharing how she has done her best to juggle work-and-life. The book is interspersed with case studies of other successful women. I would recommend this book to any high-achieving and self-motivated person who wants to be successful without losing their soul.

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