Book Review: You. Are. The. One. by Kute Blackson

Posted On: September 25, 2016

I’ve been a fan of Kute Blackson for a while. He is a charismatic teacher, speaker, and entrepreneur – not to mention good-looking and charming. From the videos of him I’ve watched, he’s always energetic, animated and inspirational. His positivity and energy seems to flow out of those videos and leaves you feel motivated, more hopeful, and somewhat transformed. Can a book – his first book – achieve what a video can?

You are the oneYes. Blackson has done it – he has poured himself the same way he does for his videos. From one coach to another, I celebrate this ability, this authenticity, and this success. I appreciate this modelling and I am inspired to do more great work – back to the book.

For starters, the book is titled You. Are. The. One. not You Are The One. That’s Blackson for you. Original. But not original for the sake of standing out. Be patient as you go with him on this ride and by the end of the book, you’d get his message loud and clear – You are the one (or at least I hope you do)!

Published in 2016, You. Are. The. One.: A Bold Adventure in Finding Purpose, Discovering the Real You, and Loving Fully has eight chapters with a main story in each. In the prologue, Blackson wrote about meeting the richest man in the world. In subsequent chapters, he shared his personal story of how he left his destined career, moved to L.A. and found his own path. He is the creator of the unique “Liberation Experience” where he travels with an individual client across India for fourteen days, and the books shares some of the life-changing stories.

Blackson wastes no words in this book. Each word contributes to the story, which in turn illuminates the message behind the book. As somebody who has been on the personal development path for many years now, I was moved by the stories, appreciated his book and essence behind his message. I would recommend this book to anybody who is seeking the purpose and meaning of life.

Who is Martha?

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