Resources for Pregnancy after Loss

Posted On: December 3, 2018

This is intended to be a resource list for pregnancy after loss.

  1. is a pregnancy, parenting and reproductive empowerment center based in Los Angeles that offers Loss Doula support remotely (via phone or Skype), as well as support groups
  3. has several sites
  4. PALS- pregnancy after loss support

Resources for pregnancy loss in Singapore:

  1. NUH Women’s Emotional Health Service
  2. KK Hospital Women’s Mental Wellness Service
    Both hospitals offer a multidisciplinary team including psychiatrists and counsellors. They take self-referrals, the contact details are in the link.
  3. NUH Recurrent Pregnancy Loss Clinic
    A single loss in the first trimester doesn’t usually warrant further medical testing. Recurrent losses, however, can be due to structural or immunological problems (as further detailed in the brochure), and the approach of this clinic is to investigate and hopefully manage the issue.
  4. Recurrent Pregnancy Loss Clinic and Counselling Support at The Choolani Clinic
  5. Child Bereavement Support (Singapore)
    The website states that they support pregnancy loss from miscarriage to stillbirth and beyond.
  6. Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support Group Singapore
    This closed Facebook group is for women who have experienced loss. It is a closed group to maintain the privacy of members, and as such isn’t as active as the online forums.
  7. Stillborn Photography options in Singapore
  8. Tania Grose-Hodge is an experienced Stillbirth Doula
  9. Angel Hearts in Singapore


1. To Baby With Love: A Mother’s Journey Through Hope, Loss & Renewal (Art of Life) (Volume 1) by Felicia Tan

When the hope of your child’s birth turns into the grief of a loss, no words will ever be enough to describe your pain and sorrow. One will only find renewal with the passage of time and the support and encouragement of your loved ones. To Baby With Love is born from the personal journey of a mother who tried every means to conceive and finally conceived, only to be faced with a tragedy when her baby could not survive a pre-mature birth. The book takes the reader through the intricacies of Intra-Uterine Insemination (IUI) and In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF), shedding light on the thoughts and feelings that a mother will go through when undergoing such procedures. This book is a comforting companion for women who are trying for a baby and mothers whose dreams have been shattered and are wondering how to find hope again…

For more, click here.

2. Lost and Found: A Mother?s Memoir on Finding Faith Through Loss (Art of Life) (Volume 2) by Felicia Tan

Undeterred by the loss of her first baby and with the support of her husband and family, the author gathered her courage and underwent a repeated round of In-Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) and found herself pregnant once again, this time, with twins. Unfortunately, her happiness was short-lived. Faced with the imminent threat of Cervical Incompetence (CI), she opted to undergo a Cervical Cerclage to increase her odds of carrying her babies to term. Tragedy soon struck and she found herself stricken with grief once more. Lost And Found is the personal story of one woman’s arduous journey to parenthood, her anguish at the heart-wrenching loss of her babies, and how she eventually found faith, peace and hope. The book includes experts’ contributions in the areas of chiropractic in pregnancy, coping with grief, and pre/post-pregnancy exercises, as well as real-life tales of other mothers who had been in a similar predicament. Lost And Found is a comforting companion for women who are trying for a baby and mothers whose dream has been shattered and wondering how to find hope again…

For more, click here.

3. A Gift From Heaven: A Mother’s Search for Her Rainbow Baby After the Storms (Volume 3) by Felicia Tan

Ten years of wedded bliss and two miscarriages later, a woman wakes up one Saturday morning to double lines on the pregnancy test kit. It was the result of waiting patiently in the unknown with the biological clock working against her; the result of adopting a healthier lifestyle, positive mindset, and spiritual learning; the result that would change the course of her life forever. But as much as there is immense joy in conceiving naturally after having tried both IUI and IVF, fear struck in the depths of her heart. Can her baby make it to the crucial Week 24? A Gift From Heaven tells the tale of a mother’s faith journey in seeking God, in choosing to believe in His plan even in the darkest hour, and in being richly rewarded with a rainbow baby after the storms.

For more, click here.


4. Pregnancy After a Loss: A Guide to Pregnancy After a Miscarriage, Stillbirth, or Infant Death by Carol Cirulli Lanham

For a woman who has experienced a miscarriage, stillbirth, or the death of an infant, conceiving another child can be fraught with mixed emotions. This guide, filled with up-to-date medical information and written by a woman who herself experienced a successful pregnancy after the loss of her first baby, can help women cope with their anxiety. It offers guidance for women asking such questions as:
– Why did it happen—and how can I make sure it doesn’t happen again?
– Will my next pregnancy be considered high-risk?
– How long should I wait before getting pregnant again?
– What can I expect at prenatal exams?
– Will I ever be able to love another baby as much as I love the one I lost?

Pregnancy after a loss can be a time of great emotional upheaval—but also, a time of healing and hope. With this sensible, sensitive guide, women can put their minds at ease—and learn to look forward to the future as they make peace with the past.

For more, click here.

5. Sunshine After the Storm: A Survival Guide for Grieving Mothers

In May of 2011, Alexa and Jeff Bigwarfe were surprised to learn they were pregnant with identical twins. By the time the shock wore off from that news, they learned the babies were suffering from a fatal disease. Over the course of 10 weeks, Alexa was hopsitalized numerous times. Once the babies were born (9.5 weeks early), baby Kathryn lived 2 days before passing away in the NICU.

Fast forward 18 months. The surviving twin was doing well. A happy, well-adjusted 18-month-old. Alexa learned her friend delivered her baby Catherine at 37 weeks, stillborn. This event set Alexa in motion to put together this beautiful book of hope, love, and support for other parents suffering pregnancy and infant loss, or even the death of an older child. She contacted other writers known in the grief and loss community, and invited them to participate.

The book includes all of their stories of loss, love, pain, grieving, support, forgiveness, and survival. It also includes a special interview with Sean Hanish, director of the incredible movie Return to Zero.

If you or someone you know has experienced the loss of a pregnancy, infant, or young child, you need this book to help heal.

Contributions by: Alexa Bigwarfe, Amy Hillis, Anna Whiston Donaldson, AnnMarie Gubenko, Christina Russo-Sporer, Dana Weinstein, Heather O’Brien Webb, Jennie Goutet, Jessica Watson , Kathy Glow, Kathy Radigan, Katia Bishops, Kelly DeBie, Kelly Powell, Kristi Bothur, Lizzi Rogers, Marcia Kester Doyle, Rachel Raper, Regina Petsch, Sandi Haustein, Sarah Hackett, Sarah Rudell Beach, Sheila Quirke, Starr Bryson, Stephanie Sprenger, Suzanne M. Tucker, Tova Gold, Wendy R. Smith. Includes special contributions from Sherokee Ilse, Dr. Jessica Zucker, Sean Hanish (Director/Producer of “Return to Zero”) Will Chippich, Eric Bothur, and David Webb.

For more, click here.

6. Always Within; Grieving the Loss of Your Infant by Melissa L Eshleman

Have you or someone you know experienced the devastating loss of an infant or pregnancy? You are not alone. Always Within; Grieving the Loss of Your Infant is like having a caring and compassionate support group at your fingertips. It’s a compilation of stories from people who have had to endure such a loss. Over twenty parents have dedicated their time and energy to recount the events of the moments before and after their losses to help guide and alleviate some of the pain and confusion often associated with an unexpected miscarriage and/or infant loss. Most parents who experience a loss of this nature have no idea what to do or where to turn.

This book was featured on Warner Brother’s Studio’s Emmy-nominated talk show, The Real!
Get this book now and let the healing process begin. You are not alone.

Always Within; Grieving the Loss of Your Infant is a stepping stone towards healing.

Each chapter includes:
– An individual heartfelt story to help inspire and comfort those who have lost or know someone who has.
– Helpful advice from people who have been there, on how to cope with the devastating loss of a pregnancy or infant.
– Thoughts on what family and friends can do and say to help during such a difficult time.
– Ideas on how grieving parents can keep their child’s memory alive through the years.
– A comforting poem, quote or bible verse.

Melissa Eshleman lost her four-day-old infant son, Lucas on May 20, 2001. She is a member of several infant loss groups. Melissa worked together with other parents like herself, who have suffered the loss of a pregnancy or infant loss to create this book of hope and healing.

For more, click here.

Downloadable resource here – Tips for Professionals

Source: Coping with Miscarriage: Resources & Support- Sassy Mama. (n.d.). Retrieved from

Let us know if there are more resources that should be added to this list. No vested interest in sharing this list.

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