Yukiko Lim – Talented Makeup Artist

Posted On: March 21, 2024

YukikoYukiko Lim is a talented makeup artist with a passion for transforming faces and hearts. Her journey in the beauty industry began as an understudy for a renowned makeup artist in Singapore, where she discovered her love for makeup and the power it holds. Inspired by her mentors, Yukiko pursued further education, attending workshops by a Taiwan makeup guru and completing a master’s course at the Kanebo Makeup Institute in Tokyo, Japan.

For Yukiko, being a makeup artist is like being a magician, using her skills to enhance a person’s natural beauty and boost their confidence. She finds immense satisfaction in seeing a face transformed and radiance bursting forth. Whether it’s for a corporate photoshoot, a themed dinner and dance, or a bride’s special day, Yukiko takes pride in creating different looks that make her clients feel beautiful and empowered.

Yukiko’s journey has taken her to various locations around the world, including Taipei, Bali, Busan, Seoul, Kyoto, Osaka, Matsumoto, Tokyo, and Paris. Through her work, she has had the opportunity to meet and connect with people from different cultures, enriching her life experience.

Having experienced the healing power of makeup firsthand, Yukiko is dedicated to helping her clients feel their best. She understands that skincare concerns often go hand in hand with makeup application and addresses these issues by providing personalized advice and recommendations. Effective communication is also crucial in her work, ensuring that each client’s unique preferences and needs are met.

In addition to her work as a makeup artist, Yukiko conducts personal makeup classes for the general public. She plans to expand her offerings to include more affordable group classes that cover not only makeup and skincare but also fashion styling. By sharing her knowledge and expertise, Yukiko hopes to empower more people to take care of themselves and enhance their natural beauty.

As an entrepreneur, Yukiko advises others to persevere through the ups and downs of their chosen path. She acknowledges that irregular hours and income can be discouraging, but believes that staying true to one’s passion and never giving up will lead to breathtaking views and new opportunities along the journey.

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