Testimonial: “I had nothing to worry about. Dr. Lee was very welcoming…”

Posted On: April 14, 2024

Lee was very welcoming

“This was my first ever Tantra-orientated workshop. Having never attended a Tantra-related event before, I became quite nervous as the day arrived. Would I be considered weird for wanting to learn about this topic? Or even worse, would I be considered somehow unworthy by the other people attending?

As soon as I stepped through the classroom doors, I realised I had nothing to worry about. Dr. Lee was very welcoming, and the other students were all friendly people from diverse backgrounds at various stages of their own Tantra journey.

The workshop itself is about making us aware of, and helping us improve our breathing patterns, one of the fundamental skills of Tantra. During the class, Dr. Lee discussed different types of breathing techniques, what situations to use them in, and then gave us some solo and partnered exercises to help us practice. The time went by very fast, and I was surprised by how much I learnt by the end.

For those people that ever wanted to learn about Tantra but were a little nervous or didn’t know where to start, then I’d encourage you to sign up for this class. And for people not interested in Tantra, you may still get something out of this workshop, as the breathing techniques discussed can be adapted for use in everyday life.” – Dennis, 6 Sept 2023 (Orgasmic Breath)

About Dr. Martha Tara Lee

Dr. Martha Tara Lee has been a passionate advocate for positive sexuality since 2007. With a Doctorate in Human Sexuality and a Masters in Counseling, she launched Eros Coaching in 2009 to help individuals and couples lead self-actualised and pleasurable lives. Her expertise includes working with couples who have unconsummated marriage, individuals with sexual inhibitions and discrepancies in sexual desire, men with erection and ejaculation concerns, and members of the LGBTQIA+ and kink communities. Dr. Lee welcomes all sexual orientations and is available for online and face-to-face consultations. Martha speaks English and Mandarin.

She is the only certified sexuality educator by the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT) in the region (as of 2011) and is also an AASECT certified sexuality educator supervisor (as of 2018). She strives to provide fun, educational, and sex-positive events and is often cited in the media including Huffington PostNewsweek, South China Morning Post, and more. She is the appointed Resident Sexologist for Singapore Cancer Society, Of Noah.sgOfZoey.sg, and Virtus Fertility Centre. She is the host of radio show Eros Evolution for OMTimes Radio. In recognition of her work, she was named one of ‘Top 50 Inspiring Women under 40’ by Her World in July 2010, and one of ‘Top 100 Inspiring Women’ by CozyCot in March 2011. She is the author of Love, Sex and Everything In-Between (2013),  Orgasmic Yoga: Masturbation, Meditation and Everything In-Between (2015), From Princess to Queen: Heartbreaks, Heartgasms and Everything In-Between (2017), and {Un}Inhihibited (2019).

You can read the testimonials she’s received over years here. For her full profile, click here. Email her here.

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