Frequently Asked Questions about Vaginismus

Posted On: September 7, 2011

How does primary vaginismus differ from secondary vaginismus?

Primary vaginismus is very common among women who tried to have sex for the first time. The involuntary tightening of their pelvic floor muscles are usually related to psychological issues such as fear of getting pregnant, assuming sex is a painful act, and performance anxiety. Secondary vaginismus usually occurs in women who suffered from painful or traumatic experiences such as pelvic surgeries and giving birth.

How can vaginismus affect a woman’s relationship with her husband?

A healthy sexual relationship between partners is very important, it keeps them connected and bonded to each other. However, vaginismus may lead to frustration, fear, loss of interest, feelings of guilt, confusion, and helplessness between spouses.

Is a treatment program necessary to cure vaginismus?

Yes. A treatment program helps prevent the cycle of involuntary tightening of the pelvic floor muscles using a series of techniques and exercises. Remember that vaginismus needs attention and will not go away on its own without proper treatment.

How long does the treatment program for vaginismus last?

The duration of the treatment program varies, depending upon the approach and technique used to treat vaginismus. How the woman complies and follows the treatment also affects its duration. But, more often than not, most women saw improvements in their condition in a matter of two weeks and successfully overcame vaginismus after six weeks.

How can a Clinical Sexologist help women with vaginismus?

A Clinical Sexologist is well trained when it comes to understanding a person’s behaviour and attitude towards sex. He/She is a specialist who knows how to deal with patients who have sex issues, including women suffering from vaginismus. Through proper coaching and counselling, the Clinical Sexologist helps a woman free herself from the painful circumstances of vaginismus.

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