Kris’ Virginity Story

Posted On: September 18, 2011

We all go out and try to look for that someone to lose our virginity to. There are some who would seek to find that special person to share this one- of- a- kind memory with. There are also those people, who try to lose it just for the sake of avoiding being called a “virgin”.

If you are the one of the latter kind, then you might think of my story as funny and a bit exciting. But if you are one of those more conservative types, then let me just tell you that you might get something out of this story.

On the night I lost my virginity, I was out on the town looking for some friends of mine so we could go drinking. As we all got together, every single one of them did not want to take even a single shot. They said that they were out drinking so much the previous night that they still had hangovers.  Despite all of my endeavours, none of them were willing to change.  Well, not until they saw “her”.

There was this girl on campus that a lot of the guys found cute. She was friendly and got along well with the guys.  So when we all saw her, one of my friends ask her to join us for a bottle of rum at one of our apartments; she agreed without a second thought.

So now the four of us (the girl, two guys, plus me), bought some rum and went to my friend’s apartment. There was nobody else in the apartment except for our group so we went up and started to drink in one of the bedrooms. I, whose sole intention was just to get wasted, had no idea what the two of my friends were up to.  The next thing I knew, the shots stopped coming and we were all just staring at the ceiling.  When one of them suggested turning off the lights; that was the time I suspected things would go a bit out of hand.

After hitting the lights, clothes suddenly flew from the bed and unto the floor. My two friends were already up all over the girl, groping this and that. I decided to join them by going for the girl’s mouth to get a blow job. After a few minutes of foreplay, one of my friends was now started to bang her, while to two of us, were left just staring at his naked rear end.

I was the last one who got a taste the girl. I did not find it any bit special as I hoped it to be so I finished up quickly. As soon as I was done, the girl grabbed the first who was done and started another round with him. She then moved on to the second guy, this time she was now on top.

As I said I did not find it that exciting, so I skipped on the second round.After everyone was done, and got dressed, we went down and talked. As the conversation went from quality to quantity, we found out that the girl had already slept with about 50 other guys before us. The three of us were then thinking about the high possibility of getting STD’s.

Later on the week, I found out that the two other guys had gotten gonorrhoea. Luckily for me, I did not last that long with her, so the bacteria probably did not get to me that much. In the end, I was part loser and part winner. I am a winner in the fact that I did not get any disease out of that four-some experience. I am also a loser since I was not able to share that special occasion with a person that I love.

So here is a word of caution to all of you who are planning in losing your virginity before a specific time period. Try to lose it with someone special, and if you just had to have sex, then make sure you don’t go home regretting your first time because of a disease you got from your partner (or partners in my case).

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