Beware of Cheat!

Posted On: March 9, 2014

Please be wary! On Sun 9 March 20104 around 10:30p.m., my friend Casey Chen saw a strange Facebook exchange posted on the wall on his female friend Gwendolin Tan, and immediately alerted me.

With the kind consent of Gwen, these are the three screen shots of what she posted on her Facebook wall below. There is somebody by the name of “Celia Tessarina Lim” on Facebook trying to mislead people about the nature of my work.




Just to be crystal clear:

  1. Eros Coaching has never allowed any touch or nudity in any of our sessions.
  2. I have never had anybody by “Celia Tessarina Lim” contacting me. This person is NOT my client. (I have gone through my records.)
  3. I do not conduct any 30-day masturbation courses.
  4. I do not offer any $500 courses.

I could not find the name “Celia Tessarina Lim” on Facebook and believe “she” (it could be a ‘he’ for all we know) has either blocked me or deactivated her account for now.

Side story:

When I first started my practice (coming to 5 years now), one of the first things I did was begin Eros Coaching fan page on Facebook. Back then, it wasn’t as easy to see who is re-sharing your posts. It turned out that when I did figure this feature out, I noticed to my horror that there was a lady who was not only distorting my words in my posts (deliberately or unsubconsciously misinterpreting them), and sowing discord and hatred towards me on her own Facebook wall. I never expected to see this level of hatred directed at me – from somebody I have never met or spoken to. Instead of confronting somebody who already decided to “hate” me and engage with her, I blocked her on Facebook instead.

Perhaps this is the price to pay for being a public figure. Being a public figure scared me. Many people do not believe me when I tell them this: I am an introvert and it takes a lot out of me to I put myself out there. You may wish to read my personal story here (Yup, making lemonade out of lemons here).

I did it because I believed I could make a difference, and I choose to keep doing at what I do now, because I know I do make a difference. I hear it from those who needed my coaching services, sought me out, and then thanked me for how I helped them. I am passionate about helping people lead fuller lives.

I genuinely hope that this “Celia Tessarina Lim” doesn’t hurt or cheat anybody of their money. Please beware. If you have any information or advice for me regarding this matter, please email me here.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a better day than I had.

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