Book Review: Inside Her Pretty Little Head

Posted On: August 17, 2014

{144B0AFB-3F3A-40DA-9E3E-1639F57112F0}Img100You might have heard of the raise in the power of the female dollar.  Any person who has been in relationship with a woman knows that she seems to think quite differently from a man. If so, what are the difference? What would a marketer give to look into the mind and inner workings of a woman?

Well, Inside Her Pretty Little Head is one book that does exactly that. It looks in-depth at the female target audience and the huge opportunities that can be realised when sectors and brands are analysed through the lens of female motivation and need. It provides an inspiring and plain-speaking guide to:

  • The differences between men and women in motivation, decision making, and information processing
  • The composition and character of successful female brands
  • The female purchasing process and media networks
  • The creative work that appeals to women
  • Shaping corporate culture in order to better realise the female opportunity

There are four codes important to your female customers mentioned. They are:

  • The Altruism Code -The female speciality act is the ability and tendency to put oneself in another’s shoes effortlessly, also known as empathy
  • The Aesthetic Code – Women want to / are driven to make that world a more beautiful place: the way something looks matters so do details.
  • The Ordering Code – This speaks to the practical bit where the details of life that need to taken care of if life is to work.
  • The Connecting Code – This relates to the need of females to cultivate a strong network of mutually beneficial relationships.

The book provides examples and case studies of where and who these code worked well, and ends with guideline principles and questions to guide you through formulating then implementing them in your own organisation.

I found this book relevant to me because I work with couples, but most of my workshops are targeted at women. I certainly began reading this book with the intent of becoming more effective in my outreach to them. I would have to admit that I forgot that there must be many ladies who might have aesthetic or ordering suggestions for me, and reminded to be more on top of things!

One might wonder about typecasting and stereotyping. I have personally found that there are always exemptions to the rule, while labels can hurt, they can also help guide and inform us in making sense of the world and the society in which we belong. I would like to suggest to the reader to approach the book with a open mind, and raise their own healthy questions and come up with their own structures or approaches.

About the Authors

Jane Cunningham and Philippa Roberts worked together for many years at leading advertising agencies BMP, DDB, and Ogilvy & Mather. They are currently starting their own consultancy that specializes in marketing to women.

Who is Martha?

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