Book Review: Social Selling

Posted On: June 30, 2015

I purchased this book Social Selling: 10 Essential Strategies to Prospect, Position, and Present using Social Media by Tom Abbott because I know him personally through Asia Professional Speakers Singapore. And as I had also previously read his first book The SOHO Solution, I knew I could count on Abbott to deliver value, and indeed, he did not disappoint me.

social sellingMany people I know are trying to understand and navigate through the different kinds of social media platforms out there. I too, wanted to learn how to use social media to do selling to my prospective clients. Therefore, the topic of Social Selling appealed to me right away. Being a one-person operation, I also have limited advertising budget, and the effective use of social media to do selling was definitely important to me.

Abbott opened his book by debunking five myths around social selling. He also answered five frequently asked questions about social selling. He then went into explaining the different kinds of social media platforms. They include Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, SlideShare, Google+, Instagram and YouTube.

He divided his book into three segments: Prospect, Position, and Present. Under Prospect, we will be able to learn from Abbott how to find our audience, and from there, have a conversation with our prospects. After getting the prospects, it is important to generate sales and keep them.

In Position, unlike where the ball is in their court, we have to learn how to demonstrate our expertise, through the way we present ourselves. Having done that, we can actually better position ourselves from our competitors. In order to do so we have to delve a little bit deeper in understanding the needs of our prospects.

tom abbottIn the third segment, Present, Abbott talks about how to deliver sales presentations, ask about a sale, and close the business. I feel Abbott delivered a book that is quite clear for readers to go through, especially if they do not have any kind of training in sales through these 3 P’s: Prospect, Position, and Present

Abbott concludes with a simple 10-step action plan which everybody would be able to follow. He ends the book by providing a list of recommended books and resources. All in all, I recommend Abbott’s book because it provides useful insights about social selling. While it does not go into the technical aspects of social media usage, this book is a good way for people who want to learn how to optimize social media in order to do selling.

You can purchase Abbott’s book here.

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