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Posted On: December 25, 2015

Red Tent is our monthly circle for women every New Moon. Find out the next one here.
Red Tent offers a space for women to speak on matters close to their heart, without judgement. It is like a mini women’s support group! There is something powerful about hearing each other’s stories. It connects people, and I was able to learn something from each members, and felt inspired. While all of us in the group do not know each other, Martha was able to create a safe environment for us to express our thoughts and feelings. I am glad I took time to attend the session, and would definitely go back for more sessions.– Anonymous, 13 Mar 2016
“I think it’s a really nice venue to just vent without any reactions. just talk and talk without feeling judged. or no notion that some peoples concerns are more important than others. we’re all struggling! these opportunities are hard to find! I really like that in Red Tent, everyone’s issues and desires are given equal importance!! :)” – Anonymous, 10 Mar 2016
“I had a very lovely time with Martha. It is such a gentle yet so deep session. I got to speak from my heart without judgements.The setting is so cosy, safe and comfortable. I feel very supported by the circle of women, and have even more faith that my New Moon Wishes will be manifested!”
– Arakah, 11 Nov 2015
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