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Posted On: October 23, 2016

Eros Coaching decided to feature Jon Tan because of his interesting website, thoughts and illustrations.

jon1) What do you do?
I am an actor, the best actor possible for Jon’s story for this life time. In this story I am called Jon Tan. A Singaporean male whom love to learnt, research and explore about life, my life.

Exploring on the parts of me that is unknown to myself and explores the topics that pip my curiosity. My physical, emotional and mental responses are areas I love exploring.  I research on the understanding of my fears, joys, push and pull to life. I open myself to be a student to what life bring forth and experiment the teaching. Sharing my processes and discoveries are also things I am passionate about.

jon22) Why do you do what you do?
I once was totally lost. Losing my way is a humbling process for my titanic ego. I thought I know who I am. I thought all the worldly eyeballs and praise of like are a testament that I am on my right track. But Life is like a director that has ways to humble the actor to its rightful script. Depression from life events crashes my titanic ego and eventually sinking it to the depth of despair. But from that painful depth a fool emerges from the titanic. It surrenders and embarks on a new journey as a student to life. To learn what is sacred? What is of spirit?  What is worth living for? What is worth dying for?  Being aware that I was lost, I decided to honour that and decided to find my way back to my authentic self again.

jon33) How do you find time for all that?
Time is an interesting concept. When doing something we love, time seems to flow seamlessly. So finding time for things one love is really easy. Well I reduces the time for things that I do not enjoy doing, that creates the time for the things I enjoy doing.

4) What does the future hold for you?
This is still a mystery for now. But I do know that I will get to know more and more of my authentic self. Being more of myself will bring more peace in me.

5) What advice would you give to us?
Do you truly who you are? If yes that is wonderful! Hurray! Else what are you waiting for?

Jon Tan


Note: I have not vested interest or benefit from interviewing Jon Tan. I am doing so in the pure intention to inspire more people.

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