Passionate Person – U.S. Tax Professional, Derren Joseph

Posted On: February 25, 2017

I interviewed Derren Joseph who I have been bumped into at networking events. I’ve found him to be highly likeable and dedicated to his work.

1) Tell us more about yourself
My name is Derren Joseph, I’ve been in Singapore since late 2013 and I’m a Partner at a U.S. Tax Practice – I enjoy writing and speaking on economic and tax issues. In the past, I’ve contributed to the Singapore Business Review, the American Chamber of Commerce in Indonesia, the International Business Structuring Association, Offshore Alert and the (Trinidad) Guardian. At the same time, I do a blog at

2) Why do you do what you do?
I’ve always been involved in Financial Services, my father is himself a Tax Accountant – so I guess it runs in our family. My profession is stimulating in that it challenges us to stay ahead of a constantly evolving legal landscape.  It’s rewarding to meet with and serve clients from various backgrounds and with differing world views. Of course, it allows our team, which is now spread over 3 countries, together with our families, to enjoy a certain level of security.

3) What are your future plans?
I see myself remaining in Singapore for the foreseeable future. Having reviewed the Report issued by the Committee for the Future of the Economy, I’m genuinely excited by the direction that Singapore is heading. Especially given the social and political uncertainty of so many other jurisdictions.
4) Any advice for others?
Not really.  Each of us, is on our own path, as part of our unique and personal journey. It is not for us to judge. All we can do, is offer assistance when we can.

5) What’s your immediate plans?

We have been expanding our client base to include clients from neighbouring countries  Given the increasing number of Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and Senior Executives among our client base, we are also expanding our service offering to include transfer pricing and corporate secretarial services.
Note: I have not vested interest or benefit from interviewing Derren. I am doing so in the pure intention to educate and help more people.
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