Testimonials – The Art of Conscious Communication

Posted On: April 19, 2017

The Art of Conscious Communication will teach you five different practices of how to effectively handle things when either one of you gets triggered. Description here.

“Pragmatic and easy to implement pointers/ message.” – Reddy, Aug 2017

“Interactive and easy to help gain insights to improving communications.” – Christina, Aug 2017

“I originally attended The Art of Conscious Communication solely to accompany a friend. Yet I benefitted tremendously from the workshop, from the various techniques taught, the role play and emotional practice between participants, to the subtle awareness that I fear communicating. Martha was a very good facilitator and held space for us to be safe to explore our emotions and communication patterns. I took away so much more. Thank you Martha for the interactive session.” – Yuin, April 2017

“Some days, my girlfriend and I have problems expressing our feelings when we communicate. However we have improved much since attending Dr Martha’s “Art of Conscious Communication”.  The session taught how two or more persons should communicate, using the right ways, before the conversation gets out of hand. Not only do we express our feelings (and displeasure) in colours nowadays, we also learned how to apply other aspects in the workshop to know how the other party is really feeling. Stay happy, blissful and learn to appreciate your relationships today!” – Lee Wei Hao, 27

“Martha faciliated The Art of Conscious Communication workshop very well with candid question and good descriptions that allow participants to realise the pitfalls in communication with your partner and learn how manage communication better.” – Aw, April 2017

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