Testimonials – The Art of Deep Listening

Posted On: July 22, 2018

In this session, we will practice deep listening – not just for the words, and what they mean… but more… This is a practice circle where there is no teacher other than life itself. 

“I was one of the 2 women who came in at your Art of Deep Listening workshop in Phil Flowfest, I just wish to tell you that that 40 mins. workshop was truly insightful for me and I have been sharing to everyone in the festival about what I learned from you (because alot of them had wished to have found the workshop venue that morning) and that i’ve been practicing what I learned to my relationships (family, friends and partner) I also heard from some friends who were present at your complete workshops in Pineapple Lab how cool it was! I hope you’re having a nice time in the Philippines!!! 🙂  I am half Filipino and its notable to say that in our culture we love to speak speak speak and talk talk talk alot, and listen less. So we miss out on a lot of wisdom and learnings, in our vain efforts to fill in silence because usually silence can be awkward. But you’ve taught me once again to be completely OK with silence / gaps in conversations and respecting the person speaking in different levels as an intent listener. Silence is a state of mind and not just the absence of audible words between people! ” – Renée Soraya Rosete (30 March 2019)

“Really eye opener, simple yet effective way of listening that we may ignore in our daily life. Also, kind of reinforcement to our believe for any positive attributes and attitudes, and let us correct, improve anything negative of lacking into positive and achievements.” – Anonymous Male, 18 Sept 2018

“Thanks Martha, it was great extremely insightful.  With good company, good wine and a great facilitator it was an enjoyable evening.”– Anonymous Female, 14 Aug 2018
“Thank you for the workshop on The Art of Deep Listening.I have learnt a new skill to use both at work and in my personal life looking forward to attending more workshops to expand my knowledge :)” – Anonymous Male, 14 Aug 2018

“Martha, many thanks for a lovely evening. I was amazed at how complete strangers opened up to each other in a controlled and safe environment. Enjoyed the listening experience very much.” – Mark McGeoch, July 2018

“Fabulous, fun, friendly. What a fun time I had at your evening. I had a chance to meet new people some of them are friends now. I felt comfortable with how you facilitated it and would recommend it to anyone. I look for to the next one!” – Dr Jeremy R Unwin, June 2018

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