Passionate Person: Holistic Coach Christophe Vidal

Posted On: November 30, 2022

Christophe VidalI am featuring Christophe Vidal and like to highlight his important work.

1. Tell us about yourself.

I am here to help people awaken, grow and show up in their life. I specialise in revealing the unconscious parts that run our life in automatic mode: limiting beliefs, addictions, triggers/reactions, relationships and performance. The tools I love to bring forth are life & spiritual coaching skills and martial art teaching.

I also specialise in men’s work and men’s coaching; we live in a new paradigm where women do not need a man anymore. Women are now independent, they can procreate on their own, embrace great careers and enjoy life alone. As such, men are facing a new situation for which the previous generation has not prepared them. Being a provider is not enough. More is expected from men nowadays.

I am focusing on supporting men with their sense of masculinity, their sense of purpose, their emotional awareness and literacy, their dating life, their intimate relationships and sexuality, their sovereignty, and their communication skills.

2. Why do you do what you do?

My mission is to help men the way I would have loved to be helped and guided when I was younger. The absence of healthy masculine role models in our society is hurting the young generation to come. The culture is mostly focused on building money and a career but rarely focuses on building a fulfilling personal life. No life skills are taught anywhere. It is painful to see. No one teaches young boys how to deal with their mental health, build a healthy lifestyle, talk about sexuality, express themselves authentically and vulnerably, and build resiliency and a life of purpose. I want to support young boys and young adults to think, prepare and build their life holistically.

3. What do you stand for?

I stand for a revolution in how we bring up the young adult generations and bring back the powerful concept of rites of passage and initiation for young adults to prepare them for the rest of their life. I am for bringing a life skills school to better prepare young people, especially regarding self-improvement, mental health, and intimacy.

4. What are your future plans?

My current plans are to run men’s retreats in Bali for 2023, grow my presence in South East Asia around men’s mental health and men’s work, and bring programs and expertise to Singapore Universities.

On an entrepreneurial note, I am building a coaching business online platform to help coaches to manage their businesses with CRM, scheduling, invoicing and accountability,…

5. What advice would you give men, fathers, and young adults?

My suggestion to any man would be to question everything that they think or appear to be the norm. To reveal and question the masks they put on in order to be liked, appreciated and loved. To examine and look at their fears. To spend long periods of time alone and be totally ok without digital devices or any other distractions than Nature. To meditate. To learn a martial art. To be part of a men’s group. Stop watching pornography today as it is destroying your capacity for real intimacy.

My suggestions to fathers would be to spend bonding time with their kids and give them their full attention and love. To tell them stories about their childhood and upbringing. To role model a loving husband/ partner. To teach their kids their knowledge and skills. To go with their sons on a trip or day-long hike.

My suggestions to young adults would be to connect with old adults and ask them questions and learn from them, from their victories and failures. Create a men’s group with 4, 5, or 6 other like-minded young adults and make it a safe and sacred space for them to speak out and grow together. Stop watching pornographic today as it is destroying your capacity for real intimacy.

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