Relationship E.Q.: 4 Common Gaslighting Techniques

Posted On: May 5, 2024

Relationship E.Q.: 4 Common Gaslighting Techniques

What Is Gaslighting?
Gaslighting is a form of psychological manipulation in which the abuser attempts to sow self-doubt and confusion in their victim’s mind.

Gaslighting typically takes place in abusive relationships like this, and is closely associated with other types of emotional and physical abuse. While gaslighting is most common in romantic relationships, it can also occur within family or workplace relationships.

1 of 4 Common Gaslighting Techniques: Compulsively Lying

Gaslighters are commonly pathological liars who are fundamentally narcissistic. Habitually lying and distorting reality are the hallmarks of gaslighting behavior. Even when it’s obvious they’re lying, they can be very convincing. If you’re in a relationship with someone like this, you will ultimately end up questioning yourself.

2 of 4 Common Gaslighting Techniques: Love-Bombing

Psychologists warn that love-bombing is a huge red flag in a new relationship. It also happens to be one of the easiest gaslighting techniques to spot because people instinctively feel that things are moving way too fast.

Gaslighters often love-bomb with material goods, like expensive dates, elaborate home-cooked meals, or constant gifts. If you get the sense you’re being gaslit via love-bombing, and it feels off, or you don’t reciprocate those feelings, it may be best to slow things down or even end the relationship.

3 of 4 Common Gaslighting Techniques: Scapegoating

Scapegoating as a gaslighting tactic is when the other person makes you believe that something that happened is your own fault.

Scapegoating can take advantage of a partner’s desire to be open to receiving feedback from their spouse and willingness to be responsive by distorting and exaggerating what is true. This can be very confusing, and partners can find themselves taking responsibility for things that are not actually problems or that at the very least are not problems that validate the cheating behaviors.

4 of 4 Common Gaslighting Techniques: Name-calling

If a gaslighter knows the person they’re gaslighting isn’t feeling their best, especially if they’re aware that person has low-self esteem as is, name-calling can be an effective and dangerous gaslighting tactic.

Gaslighting works because it confuses you and shakes your confidence. If you show that the behavior doesn’t bother you, the person trying to gaslight you may decide it isn’t worth it. In addition to lies and misdirection, gaslighting often involves criticism and insults. Calling these out — calmly and assertively — shows them you won’t accept the behavior.

What You Can Do

1. Don’t be over-responsible. The person gaslighting you is making a choice to behave this way. They are responsible for their actions. Nothing you did caused them to make this choice, and you won’t be able to change what they’re doing.

2. Do Self-Reflection. Give yourself permission to feel what you feel. Acknowledge that what you feel is what you feel so that you can take whatever action you need to take to feel better.

3. Get counseling. With counseling, you can learn how to make healthy choices and set boundaries with the person who engages in gaslighting. Ultimately, you may reach a place where you feel ready to move on from the relationship.

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