Take back your marriage after baby

Take back your marriage after baby

Posted On: September 23, 2010

This piece first appeared on AsiaOne Diva. Now that two has become three with the arrival of your baby, life has changed dramatically. Your wife is not only busy with the responsibilities of a mother, she might also be sore ‘down there’, and fatigued much of the time. She is doing her best, and you […]

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Would you settle for Mr Good Enough?

Posted On: February 13, 2010

In Lori Gottlieb’s new book, Marry Him: The Case for Settling for Mr. Good Enough, she says she hesitated before dating she hesitated before dating someone because he had the name of a “nerdy sidekick.” There are two views: for and against settling for Mr Good Enough. Single women often declare they’d “rather be alone” […]

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Japan: Job-secure Singles Looking for Potential Spouse

Posted On: February 6, 2010

People with a secure job are more active than those without in their efforts to search for a partner, according to a survey by a team at Tokyo University. The university’s Institute of Social Science sought to shed light on changes in work and home life. Its survey found that the degree to which workers […]

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Me and my big Wedding

Posted On: January 22, 2010

In India, there is a trend that has seen many Indian families scale down their celebrations over the past 12 months. India’s wedding seasons from mid-October to January and April to July bring with them street drummers and musicians, processions and open-air ceremonies where the statement often seems to be: the bigger and louder the […]

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Operation Phony Love: Granny Sold Marriages

Posted On: January 11, 2010

For more than two decades, Maria Refugia Camarillo played matchmaker for her family members, which investigators dubbed Operation Phony Love. Camarillo found spouses for her children, her nieces, a nephew and even her three teenage grandchildren, all of whom lived within two blocks of each other. The marriages were not only arranged, they were also […]

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Rise in Divorces and Affairs in China

Posted On: January 4, 2010

China has seen a rise in divorces and extramarital affairs. Beijing Haidian District Court registered more than 2,700 divorce cases, from January to October. Three fifths of these couples have a university education, a decent job and income. More than half of them are divorcing because of marital infidelity, and about 70 percent of the […]

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Your Wife is not like Your Mother

Posted On: December 24, 2009

This is a strong-worded forum letter which first appeared in The Star, Malaysia: “I REFER to “We reap what we sow in a marriage” (The Star, 7 Dec 2009). If men have “carnal needs”, so do women. The only difference is that women are naturally more shy and considerate in asking for sex. I am […]

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Rekindling Connections for Couples

Posted On: December 16, 2009

Children, long days and nights at the office, and competing schedules can wreak havoc on a couple’s sex life. It is easy to take the closest person in our lives – our spouse — for granted. In this full-day workshop, learn to look at your other half with a fresh perspective, begin speaking more openly […]

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Sexual Self Discovery for Couples

Posted On: December 13, 2009

“Sexual Self-Discovery’ – Clearing the Blocks to a Positive Sexual Self Image, is a four-part workshop where couples are invited to come together to draw very important figures – their bodies. This is not an art therapy class, or an art class; however, it uses artistic imagery and can be most therapeutic and life changing. […]

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Would you change your last name?

Posted On: September 2, 2009

Back in 2007, an USA Today article reported that more men were now taking their wives’ last names upon marriage. Recently the same newspaper now reports that about 70% of Americans believe that it is beneficial for a woman to take her husband’s last name when they marry, and, more surprisingly, about 50% of Americans […]

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