Book Review: Getting Naked by Tamra Mercieca

Posted On: November 13, 2016

After reading Merceica’s first book The Upside of Down, I immediately plunged into her second book Getting Naked: The Dating Game. I had assumed from the title that it would contain dating tips, techniques and know-hows. Instead it contained the juicy details of Mercieca’s dating adventures.

Getting Naked The Dating Game by Tamra MerciecaPublished in 2011, this book gives us a glimpse into the inner workings of a modern-day woman in search for love in Australia. Revealing the honest truth about modern love, Mercieca navigates the dating landscape of games, relationship faux pas, and the unspoken rules of technologically enhanced communication we must all embrace in order to line up our next romantic rendezvous.

What happens when our desire for that all-encompassing heartfelt connection turns into a string of piercing heartbreaks? I appreciated being privy to Mercieca’s thoughts and actions with each twist and turn. Even though I come from a different upbringing and culture than Mercieca (Singaporean Chinese), I, too, have found it challenging to date in a hook-up culture. I remembered thinking – wow she’s taking things better than I would have. What can I learn from her here? What is she doing differently than I would have?

In the end, each of us are doing the best we can – and the stories of a fellow sister will help us realise we are not alone in this! I found myself wondering who would win the heart of the fair maiden and triumph at the end – so attuned am I to looking out for the happy ending. I won’t give it all away here. This is a book which promises to tantalise you till the end!

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