Passionate People – Interview with Entrepreneur Pernilla Lindgren

Posted On: October 27, 2015

I interviewed my friend Pernilla Lindgren who sells menstrual cups. She inspires me with her passion to help women in more in touch with their sexuality.

1) What do you do?
I run a company that import and distribute a sanitary product for women called menstrual cups. I am working to release my own brand and currently hold two brands in my webshop. A menstrual cup replace pads and tampons for women and my aim is to bring it to the South East Asian market as it hasn’t been approached for this product that has increased in popularity during the last 20 years in Europe, Australia and US. It actually was invented by a midwifery group in 1932.

2) Why do you do what you do?
First of all, menstrual cups is hell of a good invention and superior to any other menstrual hygiene solutions I encountered. So I basically love it and how free it makes me feel during my periods. I can swim and bathe, do sports, doesn’t get dehydrated, no need to worry about any toxins or residues and sleep all night without needing to go up and replace my protection.

pernillaarticleI always been a futuristic thinker, even opportunistic and don’t like to go with the flow but want to achieve new heights in my achievements and life. Due my situation living abroad I got the opportunity to try my entrepreneur side and control my own time and success after many years within the logistics industry working for major companies delivering their cargo on time. The small structure of a little company shorten the decision times and I can set my own ethical values and target of customer service in my own business.

My dream is to be able to grow my small company to a SME that provide menstrual cups to women over the world that don’t have access to good and affordable menstrual hygiene products. This may allow them to be part of society, decrease stigma and participate in all activities. In my vision I desire to place my product onto the markets of Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines  and Thailand. Above this I got the urge to be able to create a donation program to women complete without means, like for example a current project I support in Nepal for young women with imprisoned parents. I wish to be part of changing the world’s consumption and empowering women to be at their best.

3) What are common reasons people come to you?
Women come to me as they are tired of leaking, rashes, having to switch protection often, heavy bleedings, cramps, being dried out, spotting, that they wish to go environmental, organic or natural and protect themselves from harmful substances close to their vaginal area. Some do it to be more active and participate in sports and water activities. Others come as it’s an affordable option for women with limited money or simply can’t get access to any disposables where they are. Then we have the sleepers like me that enjoy to  not have to set the alarm to save my bed from any stains and no longer have to worry so much about my period, planning ahead all the time. Using a menstrual cup seem to reduce my stress levels, some related to my monthly bleedings.

4) What are your future plans?
I am slowly working onto my goals of making this product used and accepted in South East Asia and I consider to apply for permanent residency in Singapore as I have to come love this city state. I admire the cultural blend of foods, people and religions that is unique and amazingly tolerant and beautiful. When Europe seem to become more alienated towards foreigners with other nationalities or people that are fleeing from war, Singapore seem like the future of humanity. I hope I can make an impact through women’s organizations and retail support to decrease production, waste and increase the opportunities for women.

salestable5) Any advice for readers?
Change come from within and we all are masters of our own puppy, ie our body. At least trying a sustainable option for menstrual hygiene I believe is a reasonable advice to all women. If it doesn’t work or feel good one can always switch back to the old solution knowing that one gave it a shot but that it didn’t work out for yourself.

How we act, feel about our bodies and what we purchase influence all people around us and our children. The view of women as dirty during their period feels old and wrong as the membrane and blood disposed of actually is filled with nutrition making it possible to create life. It’s a fantastic organ, our uterus, and we should really embrace and treasure it- making us completely unique and fantastic able of creating a little miracle. Confidence and body awareness, being able to monitor the changes of your body cycles, provides security and peace of mind allowing us to be in charge of our emotions and spirit.

For more information about Pernilla and her work, please go to
phone: +6581611020

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Note: I have not vested interest or benefit from interviewing Pernilla. I am doing so in the pure intention to inspire more people.


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